Top 5 Tyre Maintenance Tips

How do you avoid early ageing than the real age itself? Yes, the obvious answer is maintaining your skin and internals of your body with the right care techniques. Tyres of your cars are no different. When we talk about our tyres most of us forget that they exist till they are damaged beyond repairs or become a reason for severe accidents. Tyres of our car need constant servicing to last longer. Wait a minute… No, it is not what you are thinking. You don’t have to give your hours to maintain your tyres, in fact, things as small and nameless as tyre pressure can do great wonders too.

To Help You Increase the Life of Your Tyres, Our Experts Would Like You to Offer the Following Tips and Tricks:

1. Tyre Pressure: When was the last time you deliberately got your tyres’ pressure checked. Yes, probably two or three months ago. Tyre pressure is like a slow poison to your car tyres that kills them overtime earlier than we can ever think. Experts do not recommend both over and under-inflation of tyres. Over inflating one’s tyres cause central tread wear with the risk of a blowout at any time, while underinflation causes the entire tyre to wear out. Therefore, you should get your tyre pressure checked every once in a month.

2. Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment is simple maintenance of wheel angles, as seen from the front and top of the car. Under normal conditions, wheels should be held perpendicular to the road and the axle. Any departure from this will result in the unwanted wearing of your tyres. Make sure you get your wheels aligned with every interim service checks.

3. Rotate Your Tyres: If your tyres have become a victim to uneven wearing, rotating your tyres can considerably provide some rest to them. Tyres of different axles are rotated with each other to maintain their even wearing. For better results, one should also get their wheels aligned after the tyres have been rotated with each other.

4. Cleaning and Repairs: To enjoy longer lives of tyres, one must clean them on a regular basis. Cleaning tyres remove the agents of ageing and hence assist tyres to last long. If your tyres encounter immediate damage, repairs will stop further damaging of the tyres. Therefore, one must not delay in getting their tyres repaired.

5. Storage of the Tyres: Many Tyres Wednsebury issues arise because of wrong storage techniques. When not in use, one must store their tyres away from the agents of ageing like high temperature, sunlight, U-V rays, oxygen, ozone, and moisture. This will help your tyres stay fit for long, and you would not find yourself in a fit for buying a new set of tyres in the next season.

Though the techniques mentioned above are brilliant for enhancing the life of your tyres, but tyres are doomed from the very beginning itself. Just like humans, tyres will reach their age when they have to go to the resting ground. Sooner or later you have to replace them with new ones. We, at Premier Tyres Plus, are here to help you with the cause. We offer a wide range of high-quality Tyres Bilston that will help you get back on the roads safely as soon as possible.

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