Top Issues With The Brakes of Your Car

Do you want to save that cute little puppy on the road? Unfortunately, your brakes are not capable enough to stop your vehicle in time. And, there is blood on your tyres with a dead body of an innocent puppy left behind on the road. If this was you in recent few days, make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Brakes are arguably an essential component of your car. Any negligence shown towards them will always result in compromising situations on the roads. Our experts recommend you to get your brakes checked and serviced with every interim car service. Though maintaining brakes can reduce the chance of their failure, but one may find themselves in a fix with broken brakes at any point in time.

To Help You With the Situations in Which Your Brakes are Failing You, Allow Us to Offer You Some of the Severe Cases:

1. Brake Lights: It may sound elementary, but paying attention to the blinking brake lights can save you a fortune. Modern-day electronics are capable enough to decipher some of the most dangerous failures in your car. As soon as you find any warning light blinking on the dashboard of your car, drive your car straight to an auto garage.

2. Squealing Sound: Are your brakes making an unpleasant squealing sound? If yes, it may be of a higher possibility that your brake pads have been worn out considerably. When the rubber is removed from the pads, the metal of pads come in direct contact with the rotors of your brakes. In case, you hear any squealing sounds, make sure that your brake pads have substantial amount of stopping material on them.

3. Grinding Sound: Grinding is another problem that relates to the basic functioning of brakes. When you hear a grind, it may point out to the lubrication issue of your brakes.

4. Vibrations on Braking: A warped rotor is the main culprit behind the vibrations seeping in through the passenger’s compartment. When your rotor is wobbly, the pads find it challenging to maintain contact with it. The result is a vibrating car body. If you are in a fix like this, replacing your rotors is the only option.

5. Hydraulics at Fault: Modern brakes make use of a hydraulic system to gather the force needed to press the pads onto the rotors. Any leak in the hydraulic system will consequently reduce the pressure in the pads on the rotors. You can find your brake pedal sticking to the floor in case of leaking brake fluid. Before topping up your brake fluid, it is always better to get the leaks corrected.

That is not all; your brakes might fail because of a number of smaller reasons as well. Therefore, we, at AA Slick Tyres, offer a range of Brake Repair Kidderminster services that will help you to be safe on the roads of the UK.Read more at Tyres Kidderminster.

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