Top Reasons Why You Should Say Yes to Winter Tyres

If you own a car, you must have come across this dilemma whether to buy winter tyres or not. We have the answer for you. It is always a yes if you are a resident of a place with extreme weather conditions. 

During the wintertime does it snow a lot in your area? Do the roads get covered by thick ice? Does the temperature in your area drops down below 7 degrees? For all these or any one of these reasons, your answer will be yes to Winter Tyres Bristol.

Now, let us know more about these tyres.

What Are Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres are different from regular tyres. These tyres are specially made for cold times. When the temperature drops to a really low level, and it snows heavily, you have no choice but to rely on winter tyres. Regular tyres won’t be easy to drive with on snow-laden roads.

Winter tyres also have a different tread depth and design so that it can, easily, run on icy and wet roads and surfaces. Winter tyres are marked so that they can be identified without a problem. If you were not aware of it then check your pair of winter tyres. On the sidewall of the tyres, you shall find M+S and 3 peak snowflake symbol. This has a meaning which is very important for snow tyres. These symbols mean that they are tested for muddy and snowy roads. They are safe to run in such weather conditions and they can grip well even on the slippery roads.

In some countries it has been made mandatory to use tyres with these symbols engraved for safety purpose.

How are Winter Tyres Different

The characteristics of winter tyres are very much different from the regular or all-season tyres. The tread depth of snow tyres mostly ranges between 8 to 9 mm.

The snow tyres have different grooves from the regular tyres. They are much deeper and wider. This special design helps in gripping on snowy roads better, as the snow and water easily pass through these grooves.

Winter tyre components have larger amounts of natural rubber and silica. This is useful as it does not harden like the synthetic rubber due to the cold weather. This also helps in providing enhanced grip on the road.

Sometimes winter tyres are made with different blade and sipe technology for better performance.

Usefulness of Winter Tyres

If you are still thinking about what will you get from purchasing winter tyres, we have some basic reasons cited below.

Winter tyres are important for better performance on road during winter. The grip on wet and icy roads is not possible for regular tyres but winter tyres.

Braking distance is also much less than the regular or usual tyres. So if you are concerned about safety, winter tyres are a must.

Running through the muddy and icy roads is only possible with winter tyres. The cost of Bridgestone Tyres Bristol is also not an extra expenditure but rather a smart choice.

If you are looking for a proper consultation then drive to Sam’s Tyres. We also have an extensive range of winter tyres to choose from.

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