Trust Michelin to Weave a New Magical Tale Every Time You Go Driving

Need new tyres?

Why not give Michelin a try?

One of the largest tyre tycoons in existence, Michelin provides enhanced tyres for improving today’s transport scenario. Their next-gen technologies and futuristic innovations have revolutionised the tyre industry and helped them in establishing a foothold in the market.

Michelin was founded in 1889 with the motto – ‘A Better Way Forward’. Since then, they have stuck with the spirit of that tagline through their entrancing and durable tyre designs, and have acclaimed world recognition and global popularity in the process.

Being one of the largest tyre producers, it has 69 production facilities spread over 18 countries. They distribute their products worldwide from the major cities to the smallest towns. Hence, finding Michelin car tyres in Oxford is a complete breeze.

Let’s now check some perks of using Michelin tyres!

Benefits of Michelin Tyres

• It offers a complete range of tyres capable of adapting and adjusting to different seasons and climatic conditions.

• With state-of-the-art tyre designs and intricate tread grooves, these tyres provide better traction and grip.

• Customer feedback shows that these tyres tend to last much longer than the others around.

• Michelin also offers a host of fuel-efficient tyres, helping in improving the mileage of cars considerably and coping with the ever-increasing fuel prices.

• Comfort and noise cancellation become two critical variables while buying tyres. Thus, they provide tyres to deal with various kinds of road conditions, giving you a quiet, relaxing drive.

• Michelin also offers a varying host of high-performance tyres for improving the vehicle’s steering and cornering abilities.

Quite enthralling, is it not? But wait! It gets even more fascinating!

Let’s look at some popular Michelin tyres!

Pilot Sport 3

This summer oriented tyre is manufactured as O.E. for various max-performance sports cars, sedans, etc. They have used the experience from the numerous 24-Hours of Le Mans Race victories in fashioning the Michelin Pilot Sport 3. Thus, it is an eco-friendly tyre branded with the Green X on its sides, making it the best energy-efficient tyre in the market.

Energy LX4

Produced for various sedans and mini-vans, the Energy LX4 proves to be a genuine all-rounder. It incorporates all-season grip with efficiency and comfort, making it an ideal tyre for your car. This tyre can handle loads up to 2205 lbs. With a max inflation capacity of 50 psi and tread depth of 10/32’, it is a front-runner in the tyre market.

Pilot Exalto PE2

This max-performance tyre is designed for increasing the performance of small sports vehicles and coupes. The PE2 ensures precise and swift responsiveness in both dry and wet conditions. It uses Michelin’s very own Life Maximized Adherence (LMA) tread compound for enhanced handling and grip in the long run.

These are only a few of the products of Michelin; for finding out even more about its models, you can visit Phillip Tyres in Oxford. They keep a host of Michelin tyres catering to every requirement.

So, what are you waiting for?

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