Types of tyre damages you should know about

The frustration and disappointment of untimely tyre replacement can’t be expressed in words. The hassle accompanied by the premature replacement spoils your mood. You are left with no option but to buy a new pair. This means spending the same amount all over again without getting out the most from the previously spent one.

What if we told you that this hassle can be avoided? You can make the most of your tyres by running a few checks regularly. This way you will be able to timely detect the issues and get them fixed before it’s too late.

Some of the common reasons for premature tread wear are:

  • Cuts and punctures
  • Vibrations felt at higher speeds
  • Damage due to Inflation or deflation
  • Polymer getting old
  • Fitting damages
  • One-sided or uneven wear
  • Bulges and lumps

Irregular wear: The tread surface of your tyre has grooves and sipes that play the crucial role of providing grip and traction on various road surfaces. The tread depth becomes extremely necessary on wet and snowy road conditions. Tread sipes and grooves also help in channeling away the water, further avoiding aquaplaning. However, due to some reasons, the tread starts to wear unevenly. This issue is caused by improper inflation, misaligned wheels, and bent wheels.

The only way to avoid irregular tread wear is by keeping the proper inflation levels in your Bridgestone Tyres Bridgnorth, getting a timely wheel alignment and fixing the bent wheels. You can notice most of these while doing a regular inspection of your tyres.

One-sided wear: As mentioned above, irregular wear occurs due to various reasons. One of them is misaligned tyres. Improper wheel alignment leads to one-sided tyre wears. The problem doesn’t end here. Misaligned tyres also affect your fuel efficiency. A rise in your fuel consumption usually indicates a problem in your wheel alignment. You should get this service done at regular intervals of time.

Bulges, lumps, and cuts: The sidewall of your tyres is prone to get damaged more than any other vehicle component. Mostly it is damaged by deep potholes on roads and kerb impacts. A damaged sidewall will no longer be able to sustain the air pressure in your tyre leading to the formation of a bulge. This signifies that the tyre would need to be replaced. Whenever your eye meets a cut or bulge while inspecting the tyres, make sure to get them fixed as soon as possible. Driving with these issues can put your safety at risk and also further damages your tyres.

Overinflation: We are always advised to maintain an appropriate amount of tyre pressure. Ever wondered why? The first reason behind this is our safety. Over-inflated Tyres Bridgnorth are unsafe to drive with. Such tyres find it difficult to maintain a grip on the road. This places your safety in danger. More air pressure leads to the tyres being pressurized, which depletes your tyre life.

Under-inflation: Maintaining lower tyre pressure increases the risk of under-steer. This can inflate the chances of a collision. Under-inflated tyres are more likely to get punctured when hit with a hard object. The general wear and tear can also occur in under-inflated tyres because of which you will have to say goodbye to the tyres before their actual replacement time.

The most impact solution to all these problems is a regular tyre inspection. It is recommended to have a thorough inspection of the tyres every week so the damages are identified before it’s too late.

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