Types Of Tyres Available In The Market

There are different types of tyres available in the market today and each of them has some special features. Gone are the times when only regular passenger tyres where they’re in the market like these days we see shops flooded with different kinds of Goodyear Tyres Birmingham. It is because the number of vehicle owners has increased in the last few decades, the demand for specialized tyres has made its way to the market. People often fail to differentiate between types of tyres because of a lack of knowledge. Today we are going to discuss different kinds of tyres that are available in the market.

Performance Tyres

If there’s a tyre innovation that has become youth’s favourite in the 21st century, it has to be performance tyres. These tyres are made with superior quality rubber and they provide the best handling and performance. It is interesting to know that they were initially made for racing cars and race tracks but because of their popularity, companies started manufacturing them for sports cars. They have big tread blocks that provide a high amount of traction on a normal surface and they never let your car become unstable even at high speed.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are designed with deep tread blocks and fewer sipes. They aim at providing better handling and stability in winters. What happens in winters is roads become wet and slippery and that’s why we need tyres that can provide some amount of grip. Winter tyres are ideal for places where the temperature remains less than 7 degrees Celsius. They also have more cuts and depth in their tread grooves protecting against aquaplaning. Winter tyres are made from a soft rubber compound that remains flexible throughout the weather. There are lots of benefits of using winter tyres which them a great deal.

Summer Tyres

Next on our list are summer tyres. These tyres are made from the hard rubber compound and stability on both wet and dry roads. As compared to winter tyres, it has shallow tread blocks as it doesn’t need much grip on dry surfaces. Summer tyres work well when the temperature is more than 7 degrees Celsius. They can bear the heat and therefore they don’t overheat. Summer tyres are long-lasting and that’s why they are highly recommended by tyre shops.

Self Healing Tyres

Don’t be surprised, these tyres. Self-help-healing tyres repair the puncture by themselves. These tyres allow you to run for few miles after getting a puncture in the tube. They are made from self-healing rubber compounds that stick the rubber together and act as a sealant in case of any damage. Self-healing tyres have lots of money and they ensure the safety of the passengers and that’s why they are liked by many.

All-Season tyres

All-seasons are everyone’s favourite as they can be your companion in all seasons. These tyres are special as they can run in all weathers. In mild weather conditions, they combine the characteristics of both and summer tyres. They can provide you stability on a dry road and at the same time, they can save you from aquaplaning as they have better treads. They are ideal for mild weather should be in extreme conditions. These tyres are cost-effective and provide longevity.

Run Flat Tyres

As their name suggests, these tyres allow running red by a nail or any other object. It is because when a tyre gets punctured, the main problem it faces is air pressure but run-flat tyres get air pressure from the sidewall. They have a big and sturdy sidewall that allows you to run for another 50 miles till you reach your destination or at a garage. These tyres are a bit costly because of their amazing feature but one should note that it is not easy to repair these Car Tyres Birmingham. You might have to buy a new pair in case of any damage.

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