Typical Signs which can Indicate Problems with Your Car Battery

When it comes to naming some of the most critical components in your car, you might talk about the engine, suspension, exhaust, tyres, etc. But, have you ever considered the importance of your car’s battery.

Yes, the battery is also one of the most critical components of your car powering all electrical elements. While defective parts need replacements, you may only need to recharge the battery to have it run as good as new. You will have to replace it on an average every 5 to 6 years. If you need a new car battery in Ripley, you can head over to car garages like MG Autos.

Car garages can tell you if your battery requires recharging or replacement. But, how can you tell? Read on!

Signs Of A Faulty Car Battery

1. Your Car Engine Starts Slow

The numero uno sign that can indicate problems with your car battery is a slow engine start or crank. Your car’s engine draws power from the battery; if a battery is dying, then it will not be able to supply the necessary power to an engine for cranking.

Hence, at the first sign of a slow crank, take your car to a garage for diagnosing your car battery.

2. You Hear A “click” Sound After Turning The Key

Have you seen those movies where an about-to-be victim gets into the car, turns the key only to find that the engine won’t start?

Perhaps a simple check-up of the car’s battery could have helped! In reality though, you will only hear a clicking sound after turning the key.

What happens is a dead or dying battery will fail to supply the power to the starter responsible for ignition.

3. Dim Headlights

Headlights are part of the electrical components that receive power from a battery. Hence, a dying battery will cause them to dim.

You certainly don’t want to drive with dim headlights in the night, so it’s better to visit a garage for a Car Repair in Ripley. Not only headlights, but a battery also powers the rear lights, brake lights, indicator lights, parking lights, etc.

4. Your Car Starts Only After You Let Go Off The Accelerator

If your vehicle starts up only after you de-press the accelerator, you may need to replace your car battery. However, your vehicle may run normally after starting.

5. Your Car Backfires

If your car’s spark plug, black box, and carburettor are fine, and you are using good quality fuel, then backfiring can be caused by a dying battery.

7. Check “Battery Light” Is On

Last but not least, if you find “check battery” indicator light on your dashboard lit up, then there is an issue with your car battery.

However, if the light comes on while you are driving, then it might indicate a problem with your alternator. As a matter of fact, a faulty alternator may cause the majority of the above symptoms.

Only a professional can tell you of the problem lies with the alternator or car battery. Always refer to expert assistance for the next step forward if you have issues with either!

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