Tyre Blowout: What to Do During Such an Unconventional Situation?

Tyre bursts are a significant reason behind car accidents happening every day. Even the most experienced drivers get scared of the explosive like sound- a nightmare for everyone. Tyre bursts can happen due to several reasons and, while many know why others do not know the necessary steps one should take.

Car owners should be made aware of how to stay calm during a car tyre burst. This ensures your safety, and maintaining these steps will reduce the damages caused. Here is everything to know about tyre bursts and the do’s and don’ts of handling such a situation.

Stick to One Speed Limit and Do Not Fluctuate

Over speeding is a huge reason behind accidents on highways and other public roads. The combination of tyre burst and over speeding could be deadly and tyre bursts when rash driving increases chances of damage. With a slower speed, you will be able to come to a stop safely when compared to high speed.

Pirelli Tyres Derby being driven at an average speed of 70kmph will be able to stop faster than a car driving at a speed of 110 mph. High speed is deadly for tyre bursts and could put your life at risk. You might have heard this plentiful time, but maintaining the recommended speed is always your best chance to avoid accidents during a tyre burst.

Pirelli Tyres Derby

Do Not Slam Your Car Brakes

This is very important that all car owners should adhere to. With tyre bursts, slamming on the car brakes is the natural instinct, but you will be causing more damage to your car and it could even flip over that way. Hard braking should never be done as it would throw your car out of control.

ABS systems are becoming really common nowadays, however, you should never take a chance. During a tyre burst, braking should be done gradually just like anyone would do in any normal situation.

Keep Your Car In Control By Driving Straight

Tyre bursts often cause you to drive erratically and is a big reason behind accidents as you do not have any control over your car. Car owners should try their best to drive in one straight direction with a car tyre burst. Erratic driving can make the situation worse and do not think about making turns.

Target fixation is a well-known technique where the car owner moves in the direction where they are looking. Therefore, with a car tyre burst, it would be in your best interest to look in a straight direction to avoid any harm.

Move You Feet From Your Car’s Accelerator Gradually

With panic braking what follows would be suddenly removing your feet from the accelerator.

Take your foot off the accelerator slowly, maintain the speed so that the uniform momentum is not disturbed. Driving at slow speed is the best possible way to handle a Car Tyres Derby burst situation.

Be Aware of How You Are Using the Engine Braking

Many people are not aware of what engine braking actually stands for. Experts think of it as an emergency saviour and is a quality that already exists in your engine. Your tyres deceleration force directly has an impact on the engine, therefore, slowing down the piston. With engine braking, stopping power increases, avoiding wheel lock.

Car owners should be aware of how to do it and that too correctly. You have to be certain about the timing as wrong timing induces fishtailing that will not serve your purpose. Go for timely clutching as well as downshifts to avoid any unnecessary complication during tyre burst. Experts recommend coming to a stop as soon as possible and to call for help immediately.

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