Tyre Checklist


Several factors lead to a tyre failure. Therefore, it is crucial to constantly verify that everything is working well. You need to be aware and look for any sign while checking your tyres:
Tread depth: It refers to the depth of the external grooves on your Bentley Tyres Northampton.
Pressure: The air inside your tyres.
Punctures: Check if any external object has penetrated your tyre as it can cause an air leak.
Dry rotting/ Cracks: Look for splits or cracks in your tyre. If you found any, then it means that your tyre is no longer safe to drive and must be replaced as soon as possible.
Poor inflation: Inflating your tyres with too little or too much air can lead to uneven wear and can affect the overall performance of your vehicle.
Balance: The full load distribution of your car must be balanced and even among all your tyres to work properly.

Suggestions for Tyre Maintenance and Care
Following are some tips to maintain your car tyres:
Always replace your set of tyres in full sets of six or four. Driving unmatched tyres can result or create more difficulties along the way.
Also, do not forget your spare tyre! The last thing drivers need is to get stranded in the middle of the road with underinflated tyres.
Most tyres include wear bars. If your tyre’s tread is at the same high as the bar, then it might be a good time to get new tyres.
You can examine your tyre’s tread depth using a penny. If the rubber covers Lincoln’s head, it means that your tyre has around 4/32 of tread, enough to keep driving. But if you are able to see the head, then you better start finding a new set.
Even though the most effective way to check your tyres is by removing them, not everyone has space, time, or know exactly how to do it. After putting your gloves on, simply run a hand around your tyres and watch out for uneven wear, bald spots, cupping, bubbles, flat spots, glass, nails, or another type of irregularities.
You need to do this procedure at least every week. If you still have any questions, you can contact your nearest mechanic, they will be happy to help you.

How Often Should I Rotate my Tyres?
Generally, experts recommend rotating your tyres at least every seven thousand miles, although it will depend on several factors, such as your vehicle’s age, alignment, and performance. You can get more information in your vehicle’s driver’s manual.

How Often Do You Need to Align Your Vehicle?
In case you observe any kind of inconsistencies with your vehicle’s driving and steering, you should check its alignment immediately. Otherwise, a reliable and safe requirement is to check it every year.

How Often Do You Need to Inflate Your Tyres?
We recommend doing a visual examination every time that you use your vehicle. For extra inspection, you can use a pressure gauge to check the pressure in your tyres. It will just take you a couple of minutes but it will save you money, health, and time in the near future.

How Expensive Are New Tyres?
It all depends on the type of Car Tyres Northampton, their size and brand, as well as your driving habits and needs.

Get the Right Set of Tyres
We know it can be hard to choose the perfect tyre. Between all thee tyre specifications, and types of tyres, it could be confusing, and you may end up getting the wrong ones. Do your research before making a final decision and do not hesitate to let your mechanic know all your doubts.

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