Tyre Maintenance: 7 Tyre Care Myths Busted For You!

You may have got numerous suggestions from friends and family on tyre care and maintenance.

But, do they actually work? Not always!

Your assumptions about what your car tyre needs can harm it instead. So, why not have a look at the circulating myths and gather facts instead?

Myth1: You Should Go For Wheel Alignment Only During A Tyre Change.

Fact: Wrong! Wheels can get misaligned at any time while driving. Something as small as driving over a speed breaker in high speeds can mess with its alignment. Your car’s wheel alignment should be checked after every 10,000 miles. You can take it to one of your nearby garages, for example, to Flaxley Tyres, for an inspection.

Myth 2: Front Wheels Steer The Car, So Changing Front Tyres Is Enough.

Fact: Changing the front tyres Online Birmingham auto garages after its treads are worn out is never enough. It will instead reduce the tyre life due to unbalanced road grip. Changing all 4 tyres at the same time keeps them healthier for longer. Besides, if you need to change only 2 tyres, it is better to go for the rear ones. Since the rear wheels add stability to the vehicle, it can give you better control of your car.

Myth 3: More Tyre Pressure Can Make The Tyres Burst Open.

Fact: It is not always true. Moreover, you cannot decide too much or too less tyre pressure just by visual inspection. Tyres come with a maximum pressure limit. It runs the risk of a blowout only if those are inflated beyond this pre-set level.

Myth 4: A New Tyre Performs Better Than The Old One.

Fact: There is no guarantee of better performance if the new tyre does not fit the essential requirements of your car and the wheels. Even an old tyre can give equally smooth performance if cared for appropriately.

Myth 5: Valve Caps Do Not Let The Air Escape.

Fact: People generally have the assumption that fixing valve caps ensures the air remains inside the tyre. However, it is not true. You need to go for a tyre pressure check in Birmingham or other auto garages at regular intervals and re-inflate it whenever required. The valve cap keeps any dust or dirt from entering the tyre. Escape of air is inevitable.

Myth 6: Less Tyre Pressure Gives Better Grip On A Wet Road.

Fact: It is not entirely untrue. Instead, lesser tyre pressure than recommended levels leads to contracted tread grooves. It reduces the water dispersal capacity of your tyres. It may even make the vehicle skid. Moreover, less pressure is a cause of greater wearing of the tyre.

Myth 7: Winter Tyres Are Needed Only During Snowfall.

Fact: The tyres have ‘winter’ labelled to their name for a reason. If you live at a place where temperature generally drops below 7°C, it is advisable to use winter tyres. Regular tyres can get stiff and wear out early. Besides, treads of winter tyres are made up of a special rubber that stays soft even at a lower temperature.

Hence, you should not follow the myths blindly when going for tyre maintenance.

Don’t let your tyres get ‘tired’ of you!

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