Tyre Maintenance Basics You Must Know About to Avoid Road Accidents

A survey by DVSA revealed – almost 40,000 car crashes occurred in the UK in the past 5 years from faulty tyres. This resulted from adverse weather conditions, poor driving skills and car malfunctions. It is practically impossible to predict the UK’s weather as sudden downpours happen throughout the year. It is a challenging task for drivers to tackle the car properly in these adverse weather conditions.

As you cannot control the weather, it is possible for you to stop road accidents by maintaining your car tyres. If you require repair or replacement, bring your vehicle to TST Tyres. They also provide a quick check-up of your car including brake repair, tyre pressure, alignment check and tyre fitting in Nottingham.

Car tyres maintenance is not something to be taken lightly. Here are the various ways to maintain tyres and surpass the everyday struggle easily.

How to check your car tyre condition?

Being one of the essential components of a vehicle, tyres need to be appropriately maintained. Tyres are the only part of your car that comes in contact with the harsh road. Here are some basic methods you can easily incorporate to ensure your car tyre’s longevity.

  1. Check tyre tread depth:

An alert driver will inspect the car tyres Nottingham before driving. You do not need professional help for that. One of the easiest ways of inspection is checking the car tread depth. Legally your tyres should have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. A sufficient tread depth helps to gain more traction on the wet road.

  1. Check tyre pressure:

Maintaining the adequate pressure of your tyres is crucial to make your tyres last longer. You will find the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle inside your owner’s manual. Car tyres usually lose 1 pound psi pressure per month. Different pressure gauges are available in the market to check the wheel’s pressure, or you can visit a garage for pressure checking and tyre fitting in Nottingham.

  1. Look for cuts, bulges and cracks on tyre sidewall:

Inspecting your car tyres in Nottingham every week is essential for your and other’s safety on the road. So invest a reasonable amount of time in checking if there are any cuts, cracks or bulges on the sidewall. All tyres have a different life span, and tyre life mostly depends on the climate and your driving habits. After identifying any damage, visit a garage to check if it can be fixed or needs replacement.

  1. Check wheel alignment and wheel balancing:

To get the maximum life out of your tyres, ensure that wheel alignment is done after every 5000-6000 km. Along with wheel alignment, check the wheel assembly if you find any vibration while driving. A proper wheel balancing offers a vibration free and safe ride.

Following these maintenance tips, along with services like tyre fitting Nottingham will give you a comfortable driving experience.

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