Tyre Maintenance: Simple Tips to make your tyres last longer

Did you know that more than 70% of cars in the UK have suffered from at least two tyre issues within the past year?

Inflation problems, as well as wheel misalignment, can cause uneven and premature tread wear, rendering the tyres unusable. Thankfully, there are many different ways you can take care of your Goodyear Tyres Wolverhampton.

Car tyres are an important part of every vehicle. They are in constant contact with the road. You can ensure your safety and even save money by ensuring all your car tyres are properly maintained. Well-maintained and strong tyres will not only last longer, but will also improve your car’s driving performance, contribute to overall traffic safety, and increase fuel efficiency.

How to properly care for your tyres?

1. Keep all your car tyres inflated.

Poorly inflated tyres will not brake, steer or accelerate properly. We recommend checking the air pressure in all your tyres at least twice a month but only when they are cold, which means before heading out. In accordance with the Rubber and tyre Association:

At least seventy per cent of cars have an inflation-related tyre problem.

More than twenty per cent of cars have one under-inflated tyre, increasing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and decreasing the life expectancy of the tyres.

Around ten per cent of cars have more than one over-inflated tyre, resulting in unnecessary tyre wear and tear as well as reduced traction and handling.

Not certain what is the right air pressure for your tyres? The car information sign is a sticker that contains the proper air pressure for your rear and front tyres. Regularly, it will be situated on the side, back or front door.

2. Remember to rotate all your tyres on a regular basis.

An excellent way to extend the life expectancy and enhance the overall performance of your tyres is by rotating them regularly. Experts recommend rotate them once every ten thousand miles or twice a year.

3. Get regular wheel alignments.

If you get wheel alignments once a year, or every twenty thousand miles, you will easily avoid uneven and premature tread wear. Everyday impacts like railroad crossings and potholes, as time goes on, will seriously affect your car’s tyres.

4. Be sure that all your car tyres are properly balanced.

Getting unbalanced tyres will lead to premature and rapid tyre wear. You need to balance your tyres each time you rotate or change your tyres and even when you set up new wheels.

5. Inspect all your car tyres frequently.

Every time you inspect your tyres air pressure, you should also visually examine them and watch for bulges, cracks, objects stuck in your tyre, uneven wear and punctures.

6. Switch your tyres depending on the time of year.

In the UK, it is suggested that you get both winter and summer tyres. Both of them have been designed in a different way in order to cope with all driving conditions. Using summer tyres in winter and vice versa will wear out your tyres much faster than anticipated.

7. Do not match and mix tyres.

Even though it might appear cheaper to replace only two tyres each time, having uneven tyres will lead to uneven and rapid tread wear.

8. Replace and repair your tyres as soon as necessary.

Thanks to Mobile Tyre Fitting Wolverhampton you can repair or replace your tyres anywhere at any time.

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