Tyre Tips to Stay Safe While Driving in Wintry Road Conditions

Every season comes with its unique challenges, and the British winter can be quite challenging in its own regard. Winters in the UK can reach 0°C at times, especially if towards the north. Other places are more than sure to see some snowfall or at least below 5°C temperatures.

Keeping your car working during the harshest months of the year requires special attention on your part. Driving on the less than ideal road conditions necessitates adequate preparation beforehand.

Here are some tips to help you go through winter without a frown.

Tyre Tips for Brits in Winter

Winter Tyres are Essential–Using Winter Tyres Blackburn or anywhere else is the first point of assurance you need to get adequate traction when you drive on snowy or icy roads. A good set of winter tyres will also reduce your car’s braking distance significantly. These tyres use a unique blend of rubber that stays soft even during the frigid cold. Softer rubber allows it to flex, and cover as much surface as possible when you are driving on ice.

Although slightly expensive, with proper storage, a set of winter tyres is meant to last for 2 to 3 seasons. You can go to a reputed garage like Nils Tyre Service and choose from their extensive collection of winter tyres from top brands at budget prices.

Do not forget About Tyre Pressure –The air inside your car’s tyres holds the weight of the vehicle. However, air pressure starts dropping as the weather gets colder. For every 10°C drop in temperature, tyres lose about 1 psi of pressure. This is a significant issue in the colder seasons. Underinflated tyres cause excess wear, decreases your car’s fuel efficiency and can cause irreparable damage to the wheelbase. It is better to get the air pressure checked at least once every three weeks to ensure it is at optimum levels. You can also get a good quality pressure gauge to make routine tyre pressure checks an easy DIY.

Tread Depth Can Save Your Life –Without adequate tread depth,the car’s tyres will not be able to grip through loose snow. The aggressive tread design in winter tyres helps to cut through loose snow and grip the road to get the maximum traction possible.

Although you can drive in the UK with a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth, experts recommend at least 3mm of treads for maximum safety, especially in winters. Sufficient tread depth will also help reduce chances of aquaplaning, as the treads help eject trapped water from underneath the tyres, vital for requisite traction on wet and icy tarmac.

Maintain at Least Two Car’s Distance – Snow covered roads significantly affect a vehicle’s stopping distance. You should consider the reduced road grip while driving and maintain a safe distance from the car ahead. The standard practice of keeping two car’s space in between will be sufficient, providing enough room to come to a stop.

Accelerate and Decelerate Steadily –To prevent any loss of control, remember to steadily accelerate and decelerate when you are driving on snow covered roads. Even winter Tyres Blackburn or anywhere else can lose grip with a sudden thrust on the accelerator. This can cause your vehicle to veer off the road and cause an accident.

Keeping in mind the tips mentioned above can save you from an unfortunate occurrence in difficult winter conditions. Remember to keep your cars’ tyres in good shape, and drive sensibly to enjoy a fun and safe winter.

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