Tyre Upsizing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Tyre specifications are an important factor when considering which tyres one should buy. Other than the brand and type, it is the specifications that determine how the tyre will function. Particularly, the size of the tyres directly affects multiple features. Tyre upsizing is a unique activity in terms of functionality. It has its dynamics. What one needs to understand are the advantages and disadvantages of the same. It is imperative for vehicle owners to understand the pros and cons of various vehicle-related activities so that they can make adequate decisions. This facilitation of rationality is crucial in terms of consumer behaviour.


Advantage: Due to the increase in size, the amount of rubber the tyre contains also increases. That is why the tyres provide better grip. This element is effectively used in the racing world. The connection between more amount of rubber and better grip lies in increased traction; the rubber provides traction. Now that the up-sized tyre is one with more rubber, the contact patch with the group also increases in size.

Disadvantage: However, every coin has two sides. The other side of this coin is that due to more contact patch and resulting grip, the strain of the engine drastically increases. The customisation and moving away from the manufacturer’s specifications might take a toll on your car. Up-sized tyres require more power owing to the heavyweight. Therefore, it is advised that vehicle owners customise other components of their car too.


Advantage: We can take the story of wider and heavier tyres a bit forward. If there’s better grip with the road while driving, it is understandable that there will be better braking too. Even if you have a fast car, you cannot drive it at a fast speed until you have a reliable braking system. The braking capacity of the vehicle is drastically improved by unsized tyres.

Disadvantage: While the braking capacity of the vehicle is increased due to unsized tyres. We need to note that the wearing of the braking system fastens up. It is because the braking system will require more energy to stop larger tyres. Remember, while the performance is increased, the life of the component decreases.


Advantage: Another advantage of up-sized tyres is the visual appeal they command. The vehicle looks prominent with up-sized tyres. People associate their self and personality to their cars. Therefore, the customisation, for many people, is an expression of their personality. In that scenario, it is even understandable that customisation has a factor of ‘looks’ too, other than performance.

Disadvantage: Up-sized tyres will only look good if the vehicle has been appropriately customised. Otherwise, they can look shabby. If the tyres are touching the body of the vehicle, it will not only look bad, but it will damage the vehicle.


Advantage: Better grip and traction combine to provide a steady and comfortable driving (and passenger) experience. The drive is expected to be smooth and stable even at high speed.

Disadvantage: While the comfort level is increased, the fuel economy of the vehicle is decreased. Since up-sized tyres require more power, they also require more fuel.

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