Tyre Wear: Is It Time To Change Your Vehicle Tyres?

The effect of worn-out tyres on your car’s handling, safety and fuel consumption are disastrous. However, looking around for a new pair of tyres is only a temporary solution. Tyre wear often indicates a deep-rooted problem. Although, you can bag a great deal from reputed garages around the city, going for Tyre Replacement in Leighton Buzzard frequently can be expensive. Therefore, you must instead try to understand what tyres wear tries to tell you about your vehicle’s health.

  1. How Long Should Your Tyres Last?

Experts suggest that typically a tyre needs replacing after 6-7 years or 20000 miles – whichever arrives fast. You must get at least 10000 miles out of the front tyres for a front-wheel drive vehicle which should be approximately doubled in case of rear tyres. So, if you’re looking for Tyres in Leighton Buzzard, consider investing in quality tyres from reputed brands like Bridgestone, Continental or Goodyear tyres.

  1. Tyre Wear Pattern

When looking for tread wear, pay notice to the wear pattern along with the extent. If the tread is evenly worn out and there’s no sign of cuts or bulges in the tyre sidewall – you’re on the safe side. You could use 20-pence and put it inside the tyre groove to check if the outer lining of the coin is visible. If it’s not, it’s time for a Tyre Replacement in Leighton Buzzard as your tyre tread depth is below the UK legal limit of 1.6 mm.

  1. Crown Wear

If your car tyres are wearing more from the centre of its tread than the edges, your tyre could be wearing from over-inflation.

  1. Shoulder Wear

Just the opposite of crown wear, worn out shoulders is typical from under-inflated tyres. The edges of your tyres are in excessive contact with the road surface leading to wear out unevenly. Thus, make sure your tyres are properly inflated. Also, check for signs of air-loss or slow puncture instead of frequenting your local garage for Tyre Replacement in Leighton Buzzard. Symptoms of minor punctures could easily be fixed and cost much less than buying a new tyre.

  1. Camber Wear

Have you been noticing the outer edges of your tyres are showing extreme wear while the inner edges are appearing almost new? It’s a classic example of camber wear arising out of a suspension problem like –

  • A worn-out or bent strut

  • Weak or worn-out springs

  • Damaged bushes

In any of such cases, drop by a technician’s workshop for a suspension repair rather than replacing Tyres in Leighton Buzzard.

  1. Feathered Directional Wear

If the tyre treads are unevenly worn out in such a way that you feel a rough surface in one direction while the other side feels smooth when you brush your hand in one direction – it could be a ‘toe-in’ alignment issue. This can easily be solved from a wheel alignment session at a local garage like Buzzy Bee Tyres.

Even though you can get your tyres replaced from a tyre fitting garage in Peterborough at ease, it’s essential to understand why and how your tyres are wearing. This saves you substantial money down the road.

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