Tyres 101: Which Type Of Tyres Shall Be The Best Fit For Your Car?

Making a choice when it comes to purchasing a new set of cheap tyres in Scarborough might be a little tricky, and you might feel confused as well. Proper knowledge about each type is essential to select the right one.

Types of Tyres and Their Specifications

  • Summer Tyres: These are made of a specific rubber compound that can work well in both dry as well as wet weather conditions. They provide excellent grip, and thus, rolling resistance gets reduced. With excellent fuel efficiency, they also generate much lesser noise. The tread pattern of these tyres in Seamer is far more streamlined with few grooves. Hence, these tyres provide maximum contact with the surface. Although water channelizing is a big issue in this case, it performs best during summer due to the superior traction.

  • Winter Tyres: On the other hand, winter tyres in Seamer provide excellent grip on snowy areas as well as in wet conditions. The tread of winter tyres have a high natural rubber content, and thus, it doesn’t get hard even when the temperature is below 7°C. It remains flexible even then, so that when applied brakes, the stopping distance is reduced. The tread pattern has deeper blocks, which ensure high traction even and resultantly much better grip even on icy roads. It also comes with sipes, useful for channelising water and reducing risks of hydroplaning.

  • All Season Tyres: As the name suggests, it is suitable for both summer and winter conditions. It has both the properties of summer as well as winter Tyres Seamer and thus, highly beneficial. These tyres deliver above-par performance on both the climatic conditions and therefore, they are quite a popular choice among the targeted audience. However, for best performance even during extreme weather conditions, it is imperative that you choose a season-specific type.

  • Run-Flat Tyres: This type can be quite fruitful when it comes to sudden punctures. Let’s just say if your car tyres are deflated or have faced puncture, you wouldn’t have to be stranded on the road. This tyre would be operational even under such circumstances for a distance of around 50 miles, allowing you the crucial time to make it to home or better still, to the nearest garage and get it fixed right away. It comes with durable and thick sidewalls, which support the load of the vehicle in case of severe air pressure loss. However, do not prolong the use. You must replace the damaged tyre as soon as you can. It is a temporary fix only for emergency purposes.

Now that you know everything about the Cheap Tyres Scarborough and their specifications, you must be able to realise which would be the best fit for your car. Proper choice of tyres determines the ride quality in no small amount and should be given the appropriate importance. Once done with choosing a set, visit a reputed garage such as JCS Tyres to purchase the same.

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