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Hankook has established itself as one of the world’s greatest affordable tyre companies. This brand offers reasonably priced tyres Peterborough without sacrificing quality. The tyres provide excellent handling, durability, and safety. It is the world’s sixth-largest manufacturer. The company’s headquarters are in South Korea. For almost 75 years, the firm has been providing tyres. It now has a global presence in over 180 countries. As a result, Hankook tyres are the world’s fastest-growing tyre brand.


The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters’ official partner is this company. In 2022, it will supply tyres for Formula E’s third-generation vehicles.

Hankook is primarily a manufacturer of passenger automobiles and SUV tyres. They also produce automotive equipment such as automobile batteries. This technology and research aid in the development of world-class products for customers. Customers benefit from the goods’ combined benefits of safety and comfort.


It is one of the top 10 tyre manufacturers in the world. Hankook is a little more.

Expensive to its competitors, but it gives a similar degree of quality and is occasionally superior. These superior items are available at reasonable costs. As a result, Hankook surpasses competitors like Michelin and Bridgestone. It is a separate entity.


Hankook tyres are more common among Korean automakers such as Kia and Hyundai. They are also well-known outside of their home nation. The firm manufactures and sells a wide range of tyres. These tyres are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including luxury automobiles, sedans, and many more. It manufactures around 14 million tyres each year.


Hungary is home to a manufacturing facility. These may be now found in Harlow as well. In Peterborough, we are offering a large selection of Hankook and other tyres. There are different sizes and varieties in the inventory. As a result, the organisation serves a vast number of customers.


In addition to a comprehensive product selection, we deliver great customer service.




These are the most cost-effective tyres. So, what makes customers choose them?

Hankook has made significant investments. As a result, customers will receive better items. This was due to the investment’s focus on improving manufacturing facilities. The prototypes are being tested by a group of professionals. The firm owns such testing facilities. Such tests are thoroughly carried out by a team of professionals using artificially created surfaces. As a result, the test results are properly examined. Hankook offers things that are neither inexpensive nor extravagant. It is highly classified as a mid-range product. However, they supply superior quality items at the same price. As a result, drivers may have superior tyres without having to pay for them.




Hankook excels at product development and tyre design. Hankook tyres include the following features: 


  1. Stones are a shield from causing harm to the tyres. Stone ejection technology is being used in these tyres to accomplish this.


  1. The tyre’s form also changes as little as possible. When the automobile is travelling at a fast speed, something happens. To prevent tyres from shifting form, these tyres feature dynamic

profile control technology.


  1. Hankook tyres quickly discharge water. Aquaplaning is less likely as a result of this. For this, the business employs cutting-edge tread patterns.




Kinergy 4S2: This tyre is basically made of a high-grip silica composition. As a result, the tyre performs well in dry weather. Winter concept Evo3 X: this tyre offers better traction and grip when driving. It contains 3D sipes to help ensure a short stopping distance. Hankook makes its products with a rubber compound. Even in sub-zero temperatures, this compound keeps the tyre’s structural integrity.


Seasonal versions such as 

  • Summer 
  • Winter 
  • All-Season 

Vehicle-specific models such as

  • 4X4 Tyres 
  • Ultra-high-performance and more are available in our inventory.

Customers may purchase Hankook tyres Peterborough both online and in our store. The online procedure is straightforward. Customers only need to take three easy steps:

  1. They must first input the vehicle’s registration number.
  2. The buyer then selects the pieces that best suit his or her needs.
  3. Finally, the consumer must pay by bank transfer, check, or credit card.