Understanding the Basics of Car Service


Car servicing is an essential process and one should keep ensuring that it happens regularly.

It helps a vehicle to perform better. For instance- controlling the noise level so that the passengers can drive smoothly. Apart from controlling the noise, it also controls the harmful emissions induced by the burning of fuel as well.

There are plenty of reasons to explain the significance of car service and Car Graphics Birmingham

  1. A car service increases the safety of driving. With perpetual oil changes and regular checks, a car becomes more efficient and stronger in terms of its performance, thereby increasing the safety of the passengers. Some of the checks which the manufacturer ensures are – tyres, brakes, fluid, and oil. To repair even a minute flaw, a car should be taken for a service to avoid the potential dangers of driving in a defected vehicle.
  2. A well-maintained car automatically increases its sale value. A vehicle that is aesthetically pleasing and performs even better would be traded for a good value rather than the one which lacks either of the two.
  3. It is a fact that if a car is serviced on time, it saves a lot of money that one otherwise would’ve spent. Driving on bad tyres will eventually wear out and increase the replacement cost. To avoid unnecessary expenditure, one should always get the car serviced without any delays. This would make the car more efficient and productive investment.
  4. Steering and suspension must be checked to avoid any disturbance on performance. Regular check-ups can improve its quality.
  5. Lights play a major role in a vehicle. It is essential to repair them to avoid unnecessary harm and to ensure safety. The moving parts of a vehicle must be lubricated to avoid wearing and tearing.
  6. Good service helps to improve fuel economy.
  7. Professional service helps to enhance the performance as well as the resale value of the vehicle.

The car service generally includes changing of oils, checking fluids, ensuring safety checks, and repairing other faults.

The most important among is to have the oils changed. Oil is essential in every vehicle which helps it to perform better. If the oils are not changed, then the sludge builds up which prevents the engine to lubricate correctly. This results in engine failure and is an expensive repair. Repairing it regularly would help in avoiding this problem and saving some money.

Therefore, one should schedule a service from some of the renowned manufacturers, and make sure the service is done nicely. Scheduling for regular service is important, but there are also times when a service becomes essential and particular to some of the vehicles. For example- in case a vehicle needs to embark on a long journey or if the vehicle hasn’t been used for a while, then the engine and tyres service has to be performed.

There are two basic types of service which are performed for a car. They are interim and full.

Interim service is made for drivers who prefer high mileage cars. Precisely, they cover more than 20000 miles per year. Such services are available two times a year.

Interim service primarily includes changing the oil but along with that, it performs some extra checks well. It involves only necessary and key maintenance options that are extremely required by a vehicle.

In a full car service, a complete meticulous check on every part of a vehicle is performed. It is much bigger than the interim service and is suitable for those who usually drive on lower mileage and needs a car service only once a year.

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