Understanding the Check Engine Light – Car Service 101

As a car owner, you are likely to have seen the Check Engine Light in your car’s dash at least once by the time it becomes more than four years old. While it is not the ideal situation, there can be plenty of reasons why it got illuminated in the first place. It can indicate anything from an upcoming Vehicle Servicing in Royton to an error in its air-fuel mixture. It is a lot less frustrating to understand what your car’s Check Engine Light indicates so that you can take the necessary steps to keep it in perfect working order.

So, let’s take a look at some of the basics of understanding your car’s Check Engine Light; what can set it off, how do technicians follow up with the error, and what does different modes (read strobing or still) light means.

What Sets It Off?

There are plenty of issues that can cause your car’s ECU to trigger the Check Engine Light. Fortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your vehicle will become unresponsive; even smaller problems can cause the check engine light to go off. Here are some of the more common reasons.

  • An Issue with the Exhaust – Your vehicle comes equipped with an oxygen sensor to measure the carbon dioxide and oxygen ratio that comes out of it as its exhaust. If the catalytic converter is damaged, it will set off the reader because of the high CO2 presence.
  • Malfunctioning Spark Plugs – Any issue with the spark plugs will flag an error with the ECU, likely to set off the check engine light. Take it for a Vehicle Servicing in Royton and allow the technicians to clean, rewire, and install your car’s spark plugs to retain its efficiency.
  • Air-Fuel Ratio – If the air-fuel ratio reaching your car’s engine is less than ideal, it will try to warn you about it by lighting up the Check Engine Light. It can happen because of a faulty air filter, issue with the oil pumps, piping, injector, or even engine cycle controlled by the ECU. If the air-fuel ratio is off, your car will create a lot more pollution than usual and probably also fail its next MOT.

Flashing or Still?

Usually, a still warning light indicates that you have some time to take your vehicle to a Car Service Station in Royton before it severely malfunctions. Flashing light represents an imminent and severe malfunction.

You should never drive your car if it has a throbbing Check Engine Light. Take it to a reputed service garage like Quality Assured Fleet Service immediately for a complete inspection and repair of the faulty component. You can also avail scheduled Car Servicing Royton from their garage.

How does the Repair Proceed?

Whenever one of your car’s components logs an issue, it gets registered with the Engine Control Unit. A severe fault that can cause the Check Engine Light to go off will raise a flat in ECU’s memory. Technicians will read the error codes to detect the malfunctioning components and repair them accordingly.

Your car’s check engine light may go off for something trivial or can indicate something much more complex and hazardous. Knowing what to expect will help you handle the issue accordingly. Follow the above mentioned tips and maintain the recommended schedule of Car Servicing in Royton to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

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