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One of the major preferences upon the purchase of a car is to change the tyre size. In some countries, there are strict regulations for drivers wanting the replacement of the car’s tyres and rims. These may be of varying widths, profile and diameter. You need to make sure that all the legal requirements are met accurately to ensure road worthiness and safety of your vehicle.

Essentials of a vehicle include:

  • The diameter of tyres Shenstone mounted on a car should not exceed 15 mm bigger or 26 mm smaller as compared to the tyre of the manufacturer of the car.
  • All the tyres and the rims should not protrude beyond the car’s bodywork.
  • The rims need to have a hole pitch circle diameters suitable for the car.
  • No adaptors or spacers are allowed to be placed between the hub and the wheel.
  • The tread depth of the tyres should be minimum of 1.6 mm with no defects.
  • The speedometer precision should be maintained for the rim and tyre.
  • Tyre and Rim Standards Manual decides the combination of the rim to tyre fitting.

How do I upsize my tyre? 

In case you would like to change your steel rims to alloy wheels, it may result in many advantages.

  1. 1. Superior looks

The appearance of any car can be enhanced by fitting alloy wheels. Their size and design lift the overall look of the vehicle.

  1. Weight Reduction

A light wheel helps in improving the handling of any car. So, the lighter the unsprung weight, that includes tyre, suspension, the weight of part where a major part of the car rests on along with the wheel, the better the performance.

  1. Fuel Economy

The reduced mass or weight of the wheel improves the fuels efficiency.

  1. Increased performance and braking abilities

A light wheel enables the better transferring of braking and acceleration capabilities.

  1. Brake Life

The design of alloy wheels permits airflow, thereby improving the longevity of the brakes.

  1. More agility

Steering and turning improve with the upsizing of rims or wheels.

What does the upsizing of tyres mean?

To ensure that the car is not damaged, it is essential to choose the right tyre for your car. You should be wise enough to know which one and how to select the best fit. Avoid being misled by shops that sell the tyre which helps them make the maximum gains. There is a theory behind why the manufacturers emphasise on a particular size of the rim and tyre on a specific car. The wheels and tyres of a car are known to strike a balance between the fuel economy, handling, performance dynamics and ride.

It is important to remember that only a slight deviation is allowed from the original diameter of the tyre in your car. Deviation includes an increase of not more than 3 per cent of the original tyre diameter. More than this is not permitted or recommended. Should there be any more deviation, it will lead to a compromise in the handling abilities and impact fuel efficiency.

Following all these instructions promises enhanced performance, better grip and good looks. Post fitting, it is crucial to check that upon the full lock, the inside of the wheel well is not being touched by the wheel. There should be enough area between the wheels well and the tyre to absorb any shock from a pothole or bump. There should be no compromise in the overall well-being of the tyre and the safety of the passengers.

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