Various tyre types explained?

Don’t you think it becomes necessary to know about the types of tyres when you live in a place with different climates or when you travel a lot? It might not be true for many, but it is true for many motorists struggling to fix the right tyre. It’s always better to know a little bit more about your tyres, especially when these black rubbery things are responsible for some of the most important aspects happening in your vehicle.

It is very common for drivers to use the same old regular tyres without even giving a fine look at the different types available in the market. Unknown of the advantage a particular tyre possesses can be a stupid thing to do. When you can have a tyre that provides you more safety and performance, then why to still use regular tyres? There are drivers adventurous enough to use the similar tyres of different brands and cheap tyres Northampton, while other drivers try to contemplate completely by changing the type of tyres for their vehicle.

It’s not hard to find reasons why to change your tyre types,

  • Switching your summer to winter tyres when the climate changes
  • For the effect of saving fuel
  • For enhanced speed and performance
  • Making your drive is more convenient with your run-flat tyres.
  • Drivers also use different types of tyres matching the road conditions.

The tyre industry is full of various tyres, with new technology, manufacturers are producing tyres with unique physical and chemical properties to enhance performance, safety, driving experience, handling at high speed, and overall condition of your vehicle.

Carrying out in-depth details about the different tyres is essential as you must know, what is the correct tyre to use in distinct situations.

Some of the most commonly used tyres that are more like a necessity are-

Summer tyres- Tyres are specially designed to be used in hot and dry road conditions. Delivers excellent performance and handling above 7 degrees temperature. The tread of the tyre is engineered to provide a larger contact surface with the road, a wide blocked-shaped structure with minimum sipes and grooves. This structure helps in dispersing accumulated water on the road and provides a smooth drive. Summer tyres are commonly used as they are considered the standard tyres manufacturers fit in the vehicle when you buy a new one. They are quite famous for providing extremely well handling and stability while driving on hot, dry, and wet roads.

Winter Tyres- Engineered to be driven in extremely cold weather conditions, especially under 7 degrees Celsius. They possess unique physical and chemical properties that help in improving the handling and agility for enhancing the driving experience. The tread of the tyres is designed closely packed with tiny grooves and sipes to increase the grip and traction for improving the driving experience on snow-covered roads. Winter tyres have hundreds of sipes that bite into the snow for sustaining the grip that helps the stability of your vehicle. These tyres are used in different vehicles and come in different sizes and shapes like Bentley Tyres Northampton.

All-season tyres- Tyres are composed by combining summer and winter tyres for eliminating the need of changing tyres when the season changes. All season tyres are the one the tyres that can be used all year round, without the tension of changing. These tyres are becoming famous but all the drivers need to know that these tyres have a major drawback. All-season tyres cannot perform up to the mark if driven in extremely cold weather. They are not appropriate tyres for snow-covered roads. Although they perform extremely well in summer and rainy seasons but not in winters.

Performance tyres- As the name suggests, these tyres are designed mainly for increasing the performance of the vehicle especially sports and luxury cars. Performance tyres improve handling and stability even in normal vehicles at high speed.

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