Vital Brake Maintenance Tips for Every Brit Car Owner

Your car’s brake system mainly consists of 5 main components; callipers, brake pads, lines, master cylinder and rotors. The brakes play a huge role in terms of on-road safety for you and every around you. Here are some tips to keep your brakes in optimal running conditions.

Check the brake lines and master cylinder

The brakes of your car operate hydraulically. That means fluids are used by the brakes to transfer power from the pedal to the basic brakes on your car wheels. Hydraulic power starts with the master cylinder. A faulty master cylinder will not be able to provide the necessary power for the brakes to work properly.

Hence, always ensure to inspect the brake lines and master cylinder for any damage. Malfunctioning brake lines will result in loss of braking power and functionality, a dangerous coincidence to occur when driving your car.

It is also crucial to check the mechanical components of the brake and cleanliness of your brake fluid. However, if you find that they are not in a good state you can always avail a car repair in Pickering at a reliable service station.

Rotors, callipers and pads

All these components work together as a part of the whole braking mechanism. Once you press the brake pedal, fluid is sent to the brake callipers from the master cylinder. The pads exert a lateral force onto the wheels creating resistance to their rotational motion, bringing your car to a halt. This is how your brakes work.

So, it is vital that you check your brake pads for any signs of damage and wear. Now, the brake pads press down onto the rotors to slow down your vehicle. However, if you have worn out brake pads, the rotors and pads will not be able to make a proper connection. Results include damages to your rotors giving uneven grooves and rough spots other than the obvious loss of braking power.

Rotor repairs are quite expensive, so ensure that the brake pads are of the correct size specifications and are not worn out too much. Nowadays, a majority of brake pads have an in-built wear indicator that makes a squealing sound telling you that it requires a replacement.

Repair and Replacements

However, it would be best if you replace the brake pads before they become beyond repair. Inspect the brake rotors regularly to ensure that there are no irregular damage and wear.

It is advisable to go for repairing services or even a replacement of these pads at nearby service garages.

Also, worn out callipers and rotors increase your car’s stopping distance. If their condition starts to worsen, then your car’s braking capability will decrease; a safety risk more than just a performance pointer.

As a car owner, you need to understand that your brake components will wear out over time. Getting appropriate repair work done before they are beyond repair is what matters the most. So before that happens, avail a brake repair in Pickering auto garages such as ADD Tyres and Exhausts.

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