Vital Engine Repair Pointers Every Car Owner should Expect from Pro Garages

The car’s engine comprises many parts that work in tandem with each other to keep your vehicle in motion. The process of combustion, which happens inside the piston-cylinder assembly, is what powers the entire engine operation. Since all the parts inside an engine are in continual motion in respect to each other, they undergo constant friction. As a result, wear and tear occur which leads to reduced engine performance.

A loss in engine performance manifests in forms of increased fuel consumption, higher emissions levels, and irregular noises while the engine runs. Also, minor defects in one component, if left unattended, can lead to faults in others, leading to a complete breakdown.

Thus, it’s essential that you attend to your car’s engine as soon as you notice issues with its performance. A car repair service from a professional garage should include a thorough inspection of all engine components. So, here are the engine parts that commonly need maintenance.

Engine parts that must be attended to during a car repair

  • Pistons

The engine gets top priority during a car repair in Spalding or anywhere else in the UK. A car’s engine will generally have 4 pistons head comprising of piston rings. With time, these rings can wear out leading to oil leakage into the combustion chambers. Thus, these rings will need suitable replacement to ensure proper engine function.

  • Bearings

The piston rods are connected with the crankshaft and the piston head with ball bearing joints. If these bearings become damaged, it can ultimately damage an engine’s crankshaft. Hence, a careful examination of the piston bearings should be a part of any car repair services.

  • Cylinders

If due to any reason the pistons make contact with the cylinder surface, the latter can get scarred. A cylinder with the scarred inner surface will lead to a loss of power during combustion and may also cause engine oil burn other than the obvious physical damage. Hence, a car repair may also need resurfacing of the cylinders.

  • Oil filters and oil change

Engine oil is vital for smooth performance. Over time, the engine oil will deteriorate due to contamination. Since the car’s engine oil comes in contact with acids and gases, by-products of combustion, it degrades in quality. Thus it’s essential to perform a full oil change in Spalding or anywhere else in the UK with an oil filter change periodically.

  • Timing belt

A timing belt is a toothed chain that synchronises the rotation of the crankshaft and camshafts to control the valve motion. Stripped or eroded teeth are a common issue with timing belts. The belt can become too slack or too tight due to a minor change in its length. Additionally, the belt tensioners or idler bearing will also need readjustments.

Other than the engine, brakes, clutches, tyres are other just as important components which require adequate repairs and replacements. So, if you live in or around Spalding, visit Matmore Motors for a full car repair service after every 30,000 to 40,000 miles. They also offer brake repair and MOT checks at affordable rates.

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