Watch out when fitting asymmetric tyres on your car

Tyres come in myriads of shapes and patterns. You can find a variety of tyres in the market. One of the categories is of asymmetric tyres. As the name says it quite explicitly, these tyres have an asymmetric pattern of tread. Such tyres are mainly meant for luxury sedans, SUV’s, sports cars, coupe cars and some other renowned mid-range vehicles.

Features of asymmetric tyres

· The tread pattern of this mobile tyre fitting Stockport is a combination of two different tread patterns. That’s why these tyres can perform better on wet and dry road conditions, due to their specially designed tread pattern.

· The outer part of these tyres has larger blocks and the inner portion has comparatively smaller blocks.

· The outer portion helps in keeping the grip on dry surfaces and provides stability to the car during the turns.

· The inner portion of the tyres helps in preventing hydroplaning, which means, it helps in thrusting out the water and prevents the vehicle from slipping on wet roads.

How to fit these tyres?

Fitting asymmetric tyres is no mean task, so undoubtedly it should be done by someone who’s adept at doing this work. But that doesn’t mean that you can sit and relax, while your tyres are being fixed to your car. You must be equally vigilant and know the knack of it.

Be very careful to fit the mobile tyre fitting Salford appropriately, otherwise, their purpose would be defeated and they won’t be able to provide the desired benefit to you as a driver. So, here’s the guide for you.

· The first step is to clean the tyre that is to be fitted with a brush specially meant for this purpose.

· The next step is to unscrew the valve.

· Place the rim on a special machine that can mount it.

· Now, the mechanic will cover the edges with a special lubricant. This will help in fixing the tyre quickly to the rim. This is also going to prevent the loss of air pressure, if any.

· One important thing to take care in this is, the place marked as “OUTSIDE” on the tyres should be fitted only on the external side of the vehicle.

· Similarly, the place marked as “INSIDE” on the tyres should be facing the car.

· You can pump the tyre, once it gets fitted.

Benefits of having asymmetric tyres on your car

· These tyres provide better grip on the road, which means, they handle your car better.

· They work well on both wet and dry surfaces.

· According to the manufacturers of such mobile tyre fitting Stockport, they improve the fuel efficiency of your car.

· The also help in fending off the risks attached to aquaplaning.

Downsides of these tyres

· With so many benefits offered by these tyres, they definitely don’t go easy on your pocket.

· One has to be extra cautious while fitting these tyres, as the wrong fitment can lead to some serious consequences.

Which companies manufacture these tyres?

Most of the celebrated and renowned companies of the world manufacture these asymmetric tyres. Michelin Pilot Sport 3, Goodyear Excellence, Pirelli Scorpion Zero XL asymmetric are some of the tyre series in this industry.

So, be a sport and be ready to take these asymmetric tyres onto your precious vehicle.

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