Weird Noises Made by Your Vehicle Makes and Their Possible Reasons

Any unusual noise emanating from your car is potentially a sign of some component gone rogue. Continuing to drive without treating the source of the sound will only worsen the situation, and you may end up with a massive repair bill.

Strange noises from your vehicle apart from the ignition process shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most drivers take ‘extra’ care in maintaining their cars. However, this is one trick that most of them miss.

Look out for these sounds and understand their possible causes –

  1. Squeaking noise when applying brakes

Any shrill squeaking sound coming out when you’re using car brakes is an indication it is time for a repair or replacement.

A screeching or squealing sound indicates your brakes are worn-out resulting in the brake pads not releasing properly. To add on, more than 48% of accidents on Brit roads are caused by non-functional brakes. Food for thought!

Today’s cars have built-in brake-wear indication system that emits an alarm in case of failing brake pads. You will find the warning indicator light on your dashboard.

In such a circumstance, installing new brake pads are recommended to prevent further damage to the braking unit. You can get your brake pads required at any local garage that provides replacements of brakes in Osbournby.

  1. Grinding when braking

Any grinding noises as you hit the brake pedal indicate worn brake pads or obstruction in brake rotors. Your car’s brake pads could be wearing off, or something is obstructing the rotors.

If you hear a grinding sound when applying brakes, it indicates brake pads have completely worn out. You must change them immediately along with the rotors.

Driving under such circumstances could potentially damage your car and compromise your safety on the road. Delaying further could extend the damage to the brake callipers or hydraulics and grind through the rotors leading to complete failure. Therefore, you must take your vehicle to a reputed local garage like Roberts Tyres that offers replacement of brakes in Osbournby.

  1. Sputtering noise from under the hood

Your car’s drive belt wearing off could be a reason for that sputtering noise. Now, how will you notice it?

Professionals point out that most of the time it makes that noise when you ‘fire up’ the car, and that sound gets louder as you rev up. However, sometimes, a faulty AC can also cause a sputtering sound. So to get a proper diagnosis of the problem, seek professional advice from any local garages.

  1. Rumbling exhaust noise

If your car emits a shrill sound from beneath the floorboard, it could be an exhaust issue. Chances are there’s a puncture in the exhaust system or a problem in the catalytic converter. Whatever it is, repairs must be conducted immediately from a licensed garage. The repairs could range from reattaching the loose exhaust pipe or a change a completely corroded pipe.

Getting your vehicle inspected at the first instances of abnormal noises could prevent further risks to your car. A timely fix not only saves your money but also keeps you safe on the road.

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