What Are EU Tyre Labels

Labelling of tyres has been a significant step in upbringing safety measures in the UK.

The EU ambassador in a complete agreement with the European parliament has ventured out a new rule for the tyres manufacturers on how the tyres would be labelled with respect to certain parameters. These parameters are grip, fuel efficiency, and noise. Such parameters are somewhat interrelated to each other. For instance, improvement of the rolling resistance may influence the performance of the grip. Similarly, grip performance may influence external rolling. Therefore, manufactures should continuously strive to revamp these parameters, and introduce brand new standards for this notion.

The objective of the new rule is to enlighten the consumer about safer and more productive choices when it comes to driving. Many companies of Tyres Dorchester are now opting for the new schemes for the tyres.

In comparison to the previous rules, new rules have been introduced with a few changes—

  • The labels would show icons for snow and ice grip.
  • The labels will now become more prominent and visible to the consumer.
  • The fuel efficiency which is less is deleted.
  • Buses and trucks tyre will also carry the labels
  • The process to register the tyres would be improved.

Labelling of the tyre is one step further to ensure safety and comfort on the roads. The whole idea behind escalating this proposal is to reduce greenhouse emissions and noise pollution while keeping the roads safe as well.

It is a fact that out of the total emissions, road transport generates 22% of greenhouse emissions. This is primarily because the rolling resistance of a tyre contributes 20% to 30% of a vehicle’s fuel capacity. If the tyres witney are fuel-efficient, they can actually become cost-effective and environment friendly because the application of this new rule would inform the consumers about fuel efficiency, noise levels, and safety parameters of the tyres they choose.

Traffic noise indeed has a harmful effect on health. It is the need of the hour to control excessive noise pollution. New provisions encourage the buyers to purchase low rolling external noise tyres. If we talk about rising Co2 levels, it has been majorly affected the health of people across the UK. As a responsible government, it is essential to provide modern methods to develop new technology for reducing the impact of these harmful emissions.

The technological advancements help to curtail the energy losses which are due to the rolling resistance of the tyres. It is thus very important to opt labelling of the tyres as per the new provisions so that the consumer would buy more fuel-efficient tyres. If the rolling resistance of the tyres is reduced to a level, it would significantly contribute to the fuel efficiency of road transport, and hence would reduce the greenhouse gas emissions.

The need for a new scheme is absolutely necessary as the previous one was deprived of labels and proper tools to enforce. It was not ensuring the safety of the passengers to a better level, i.e. primarily by reducing unnecessary pollution.

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