What Are The Different Types Of Tyres Available In The Market?

Tyre world is flooded with a variety of tyres in the market. With the kind of roads, the tyres have to deal with, tyres need to be tough and robust. Depending upon the weather conditions and the irregular roads, tyres are crafted by the manufacturers in just the specific manner so that they are capable enough to cater to any kind of road. These tyres that we see running on the roads day and night are the result of years of research and thorough testing. That’s why it’s very important for you that you choose the right kind of tyres for your vehicle.

Tyre selection mainly depends upon two factors. The climatic conditions of the area you are living in and the kind of roads you mainly drive upon. For instance, if your work takes you to uneven terrains and rocky surfaces, you’d probably need 4×4 Nexen tyres Wrexham, as they are the best for off-roading. Similarly, if you witness lots of snowfall in your area for a major part of the year, winter tyres will be the best fit. Through this blog, you’ll come to know about the myriads of tyres that are found in the market.

Types Of Tyres

  • Radial tyres

In these tyres, you can find the cord running at a 90° angle from the tread line. Radial tyres let the sidewall and tread function on their own. The internal construction of the tyre is quite stiff that’s why they become prone to overheating at times. The best part about these tyres is they run perfectly fine even under heavy load. These tyres are highly resistant to punctures and give a wide footprint on the roads. This keeps the vehicle firm on the roads.

  • Run-flat tyres

These tyres have been a blessing for people around the world. That’s because they can for around quite several miles even after getting punctured. That means your tyres keep operating even after losing the air pressure. These tyres have a self-supporting system where the sidewalls have reinforced construction. These tyres have a ring of hard rubber that helps the tyres run even when they lose air slowly.

  • All-terrain tyres

As the name suggests, all-terrain tyres are meant for dynamic purposes. That means they can be used for both on-road and off-road purposes. Most of the SUVs and trucks are installed with these tyres. The tread pattern of these tyres is quite aggressive with bold blocks. This complements the look of the tyre with the vehicle. These tyres are known for their excellent traction on any surface like snow, mud, or water. That means on one hand the grooves of these tyres clear the gravel and mud and on the other hand, they avert the risk of aquaplaning.

  • Performance tyres

If you are a lover of sports cars and coupes then you’ll mostly find these tyres on such vehicles. However, past many years these tyres can be seen on sedans too. They are meant to deliver speed on the roads yet keeping the vehicle under control. They give a sporty feel to your car. You get a good amount of traction on wet and dry roads. As far as durability is concerned, these tyres are unmatched. The grooves of these tyres trap the water inside them and help in dissipating it. That means hydroplaning is never an issue with these tyres. You can find these tyres with the ratings of high performance and ultra-high performance.

  • Winter tyres

If you experience blizzards and heavy snowfall in your area, you need winter tyres to cope with such a situation. There are numerous sipes on these Tyres Wrexham that bite into the snow and don’t let the tyre slips on the snow. These tyres have deep grooves that dispel the water quickly as soon as it comes into contact with the tyres.

Now, the next time you go to buy tyres, you can think over and purchase tyres according to your needs.

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