What does Your Tyre Sound Mean?

Nobody likes noises, be it of any kind. There are so many different types of sounds all around us, but we do not feel any discomfort for most of it. But if we hear a shout, a shrieking noise, something shrill to our ears and even something too loud, we all get disturbed. Now, all the sounds cannot be controlled, like that of thunder or an explosion, but you can easily control the sounds of your car.

Well, we do know that if an engine is at work, then there will be some sound, and then tyres also make some noise. Still, the usual sound of it is not that disturbing, and the manufacturers are always at it. A lot of development has been going on for reducing the noise. But first, let us get some idea of the different kinds of tyre sounds and know their cause. This is an essential step to be aware of the health of your car too.

Types of Tyre Sounds

  1. Sometimes we hear a squealing sound coming from our Bridgestone Tyres Mildenhall. Undoubtedly many of you might have listened to this from time to time as it is common. Especially when we try to sneak into a narrow and small parking space, the front tyres might squeal. This is because unknowingly, your tyres have become underinflated. You might have a look at them and still not understand whether they are under-inflated. It is that hard to judge by just seeing and so it is always advisable that tyres are checked in every two to three weeks. The moment your tyres get their proper pressure, magically you shall see that the squealing has vanished.
  2. Do you hear squeaking sounds from your Tyres Mildenhall? Your front tyres may be the ones making that noise. But once you listen to it, know that this is like a cautious alarm bell. Usually, it happens due to uneven tread wear which may also lead to your car pulling onto one side only and sometimes cross its lane of driving too. Once you retread the tyre or replace it with new tyres, the sound will disappear.
  3. In case you hear a squeaking sound that too along with some rattle and roll, it has a different indication. The rattling is indication enough that some loose metal like the wheel cover causes it. If your wheel cover is loosened up somehow, make sure to fix it immediately or else the mere sound-generating action can lead to much graver consequences.
  4. If you hear some metallic grinding noise coming from your car and you do not understand what it means, the maximum chances are that it is the brake drums or even callipers of your vehicle. Get your brakes checked as soon as possible if you hear such sound as the wearing of the brake pads is a common phenomenon. These days many cars even have the brake pad wear indicator, which makes it easy for the driver to be aware of its condition.
  5. When a wheel bearing wears out completely, a light rumble can be heard as well as vibrations can be felt at the steering wheel or possibly the whole car. As you speed up, the noise also increases. This is a significant fault indicator, and you need to visit the garage immediately and get it fixed for the safety of all.

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