What Is the Correct Time to Change Your Tyres?

Car owners know well that proper maintenance of the vehicle is essential for long life and an optimum level of performance. Michelin Tyres Mansfield are one of the most important factors to ensure driving comfort, stability, and road safety. Thus, they need regular maintenance. It is sure that properly maintained tyres will serve your needs for a long time but 0% damage is almost impossible.

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Total Age of Your Tyres

There is not a hard and fast rule to determine the total age of your tyres. Your tyres would not be damaged completely on a specific date. However, tyre manufacturers suggest that car drivers should change the tyres after 6 to 10 years. But, the same rule is not applied to all tyres. Several factors may reduce or increase the lifespan. These factors include road conditions, driving habits, quality of tyres, seasonal appropriateness, compatibility factors, etc.

Why Should You Change Your Tyres?

You should change your tyres since you cannot use them for infinite time. Your tyres come with a tread design that is going to wear out over time. In the UK, the legal tread depth for tyres is 1.6mm. Below this limit, the tread depth is not secure for passengers and other road users.

Are Bald Tyres Dangerous?

Surely, they are dangerous, and driving these tyres is highly risky for car drivers.

Bald tyres would not provide proper traction and grip. This condition will be riskier when you are driving your vehicle on mud, snow, rocks, or wet surfaces. On these surfaces, you need more traction but your bald tyres are not able to provide even a normal level of traction.

Bald tyres would not save you from punctures. Proper tread depth works as a protective shield against sharp and hard objects. In the absence of a proper tread pattern, you increase the chances of punctures and blowouts.

Moreover, bald tyres are going to disturb your fuel economy. Bald and damaged tyres will struggle to roll on the roads. As a result, the car engine is supposed to consume more fuel to affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

As you see, damaged tyres are not helpful for your vehicle. Therefore, you have to replace damaged tyres with a new set.

What Are the Danger Signs?

While tyres are damaged, they show a number of warning signs. Whenever you see these red signs, you have to change your tyres as soon as possible.

Uneven Tread Wear:

Old and damaged tyres will show the sign of uneven tread wear. Bald patches on tyre’s surface are a clear indication that wheels are misaligned or unbalanced. It is also possible your tyres are rolling on roads with low inflation levels. Other mechanical reasons may also promote uneven tread wear.

Bald Tyres:

As mentioned above, improper tread depth is also a clear sign that your tyres need retirement. Bald tyres cannot be repaired and you have only one option to replace them with new tyres with proper tread depth.

Vibrations and Odd Sounds:

If your tyres are near retirement, they are supposed to cause vibrations while you drive your car. Moreover, unfamiliar sounds are also generated by your tyres.

Bulges, Cuts, and Cracks:

Structures like bulges on tyres indicate that the affected area is weak from inside. Cuts and bulges occur when your tyres hit sharp and hard objects like kerbs, or bumps. Cracks on tyres show that your tyres are ageing and the condition of the rubber material is not in perfect condition.

How to Change Tyres Professionally?

When you are confirmed that you have to change your tyres, it is important to consider your user manual since this is the primary source of all required specifications regarding tyres.

After you have read your user manual carefully, a meeting with a Tyres Mansfield dealer will be effective to make the correct decision. Moreover, browsing websites is also a good move if you believe in online shopping for tyres.

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