What Is the Proper Time to Buy New Tyres?

For how long the tyres on an automobile will last? The solution to this question varies and is based upon several conditions including driving style, road state, weather and much more. Also, other factors such as on-road punctures, major tyre damage and not taking the vehicle for routine tyre service can result in premature tyre replacement.

Fortunately, top tyre manufacturing companies around the world are utilising the latest tools and tech to release new and clever tyres for different types of cars and models in the market to purchase. The tyres on your automobile will last longer if the vehicle is driven with care and the wheels are maintained routinely. Below you can find a few instances when switching the tyres on the car will be the most suitable alternative.

  1. After Specific Time: Throwing away old tyres and buying a new replacement for them is generally advised after 10-years or driving your automobile for 25,000 miles to 50,000 miles, whichever reaches first. Also, even if the car owners have maintained their tyres well, then buying new ones and replacing the old ones becomes essential for your safety after ten years.

  2. Minimum Tread: The tyre tread is responsible for on-road traction grip, rolling resistance, control and much more. If the tread on all four tyres on your vehicle has worn out, then opting for tyres replaced becomes necessary. You can either conduct the examination yourself by using a scale or check the tread wear indicators within the grooves to determine how long the trad will last. Also, you can ask the technician to check the tread when you are going for your monthly air pressure check.

  3. Major Damage: Most damages on the apex of the tyres can be fixed, but there is major damage that can compromise the structural integrity and reduce your on-road safety and performance. If the tyre gets punctured or has a deep cut, then ask a tyre expert if repairing should be the right option. Also, it is recommended to not fix any deep cuts or punctures on the tyre sidewalls as they can fail to function when driving on roads and compromise your safety.

  4. Bulges: Bulges are caused by tension faced by tyres on roads. Examine the sidewalls of the old tyre to detect signs of bulges. If the tyres have bulges and look deformed, then opting for a tyre replacement as soon as possible is the ideal choice.

  5. Road Conditions: The road condition in your area affect your vehicle life and performance. Driving your vehicle on deep potholes, ruts, or muddy terrain can lead to uneven tyre wear as well as unrepairable damage such as compromised sidewalls. Therefore, going for frequent tyre review by a tyre professional is recommended to know the condition of tyres and how long they will last.

  6. Driving Practices: Rash driving habits such as quick acceleration, sudden brakes, or drifting can make the tyres lose tread early. If you begin witnessing odd noises, vibrations, or a sudden difference in on-road control, then get all the four tyres on your car inspected.

Other Events That Result in Tyre Replacement Include:

  • Fitting different tyre types on a car

  • Installing rim and mounting wheel that are not compatible with each other

  • Fitting tyres on your automobile that do not have the right speed and load index

How to Check Car Tyres by Yourself?

Before you head to an expert or tyre facility, car owners can perform a brief inspection of all the Bridgestone Tyres Shipley themselves. You can start by:

Inspect tyre pressure: It is recommended to get all the four tyres plus the Stepney checked to ensure they always have the correct level of air pressure. Observing and refilling the tyre pressure in a few week intervals is an excellent practice for tyre longevity. Moreover, car owners can even use a tyre gauge for measuring the air pressure to determine how much more air is required.

Checking the tyre tread: Most tyres get equipped with TWI or Tread Wear indicators. TWI or Tread Wear indicators are little markers inside the grooves that help identify how much tread is left. If the tyres on the automobile come with tread wear indicators, then it is easy to determine if the car tyres get worn out or not. Moreover, you can also get a TWI measurement scale to see the level of all four tyres fitted on your car. Apart from checking the tread, you can also inspect for any signs of uneven tread wear and know if the automobile has alignment issues or not.

Different Types of Tyre Brands To Choose From

  • Bridgestone

  • Continental

  • Kumho Tyres Shiple

  • Goodyear

  • Pirelli

  • Michelin

Contact a known Tyres Shipley centre today if you want to know more about Car Tyres.

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