What Should I Know Before Going on an MOT Inspection?

Our cars require a variety of maintenance checks to keep on functioning properly. Especially our government has laid down some rules and tests that your car needs to pass in order to keep on running on the roads of the United Kingdom.

Still confused? Allow us to help you by the medium of this blog to make you aware of the rules and tests that are as important as your driving license. In both cases, you have to suffer a huge fine for not having these documents.

What is an MOT Test?

Driver and vehicle standards agency (DVSA) strictly orders all drivers to pass an annual car inspection governed by the ministry of transport (MOT). This inspection also checks your car for exhaust emissions and safe driving conditions.

How do I Know that My Car Requires an MOT Test?

In case you just bought a new vehicle, Relax! According to the laws, vehicles require an MOT test after they become three years old. In case you forget your annual testing date, you should say thanks to DVSA. The standards authority also provides text and email messages to remind people about their testing date.

What Happens Inside an MOT Test

You must ensure that your car is in top-notch quality before taking it for an MOT test. Experts do not check your car for engine, clutch and gear condition but they do look at some significant key points to ensure your best safety on road.

  • Usually, MOT experts look for your car’s structure, general condition and damage free areas.

  • Other key aspects checked in an MOT inspection are seat-belts, exhaust, brakes, tyres, wheels, lights, horn, steering and suspension.

Although there are a lot of elements, you cannot inspect yourself in the car, you can always look for some easy components so you do not fail an MOT inspection.

What Minor Components Can I Check Before an MOT Test?

First of all, it is your duty to ensure that you take good care of your vehicle so you do not leave any scope for a VT30 or MOT Guisborough failure certificate.

1. Warning Lights

You must ensure that no warning lights pop up on your car’s speedometer. Neglecting these signals can be a major reason for failing the malfunction indicator lamp test. Therefore, we advise you to carry out any requisite repairs for your car as instructed by your regular mechanic.

2. Vehicle Lights Test

In order to pass an MOT test, it is quite essential to verify whether your car’s lights are working or not. You must ensure that your front and rear lamps are glowing up and have the same height. According to statistical research, almost 7 per cent of people fail their MOT Marske test because of faulty lights.

3. Horns

You must immediately get your horn repaired if it’s not working properly. We strongly advise you to not take your car to MOT inspection with a faulty horn or risk a huge amount on repairs.

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