What should you know about the MOT test for tyres and wheels

MOT test is a legal requirement that makes sure that your car is safe for you and other passers-by. If you have just bought a new car, you need to have enough knowledge about the MOT test.

A car fails the test due to minor issues related to different components of the car. Usually, the car drivers try to fix the issues but they avoid the tyres and wheels without realising that wheel and Tyres Arnold are included in the reasons that are responsible for the failure in the MOT examination.

Tyres and wheels are considered as the key components for the safety of the vehicle. Therefore, an MOT examiner is certainly going to check the health of the tyres and wheels to confirm that the car is roadworthy.

Usually, the following issues are checked while the MOT check-up is going on.

  • Presence of dust and debris
  • Damage
  • Signs off cracks and cuts
  • Distorted bead rim
  • Wheel nuts
  • Wheel alignment and balance
  • Balding defects
  • Tyre inflation
  • Tread wear
  • Not properly fitted tyres

These issues are related to the safety and health of tyres and wheels. Additionally, the tester will check the following for appropriateness.

  • Tyre size
  • Tyre type
  • A tyre on the same axle must be of the same size and structure
  • Run-flat and traditional tyres are fine to mix on the same axle
  • Tyre wear

How can the driver avoid failure in the MOT test?

Tyres tread wear and tear

Probably you do not know that legal tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm and driving with tyres with less depth is totally illegal. A good condition of tyre tread is vital for the safety and performance of the vehicle. Driving with bald tyres is dangerous. That is why MOT tester will not provide MOT certificate after the test if your tyre is balding.

Signs of damage

The MOT examiner is supposed to consider the signs of damage on the tyres. Therefore, you must make sure your tyres are free of cuts, nicks, bubbles, and bulges. Actually, the MOT tester checks the sidewalls of the tyres to confirm that your tyres follow all safety standards.

Mainly, it is the prime duty of the drivers to keep the tyres in good condition. This is an ethical as well as a legal requirement.

To avoid Tyre Hucknall damage, improve your driving style and avoid harsh braking, bumping into potholes, and curbs. Ensure your tyres do not have any sharp object stuck in it.

Tyre pressure:

A tyre without proper inflation may be also a reason for the failure in MOT check-up. Thus, check your tyre air pressure at regular intervals. You can refer to the user’s manual to get the necessary information regarding air pressure.

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