What to Do in the Event of a Tyre Blowout? Follow These Tips!

Tyre blowouts can be a terrifying experience at any speed. Recent advancements in tyre manufacturing and safety standards have made blowouts a rare occurrence. Ironically, it still happens in the unlikeliest of times and places when motorists are least prepared to handle such circumstances. Therefore, the following guidelines and tips will help you to drive safe when your car tyres in Sleaford give in.

How can you figure out a blowout?

A tyre blowout is marked by a sudden rupture in the tyre’s internal structure, causing it to blow off without any warning. A quick release of air follows the sound of a tyre bursting. Finally, you can notice a flapping sound of deflated tyres in Sleaford on the tarmac.

What to do in the case of a tyre blowout?

In the event of a tyre blowout –

  1. Make sure to keep a steady grip on the steering wheel.

  2. Remember to apply the brakes generously and hence let your car slow down gradually.

  3. Mandatorily pull the vehicle to the side of the road.

Now that you know what you should do in case of a blowout, here is a list of the should not’s –

  1. Never slam the brakes hard. Although, slamming the brakes is an instinct, yet it is imperative that you remain steady and slow down the car gradually. Harsh braking would send your vehicle out of control, causing further damage.

  2. Never panic since this might be followed by a loss of control on the car resulting in poor car manoeuvring which may lead your vehicle to crash.

Note: Following the signature sound of a blowout, and a steady wobbling of the vehicle, remember to take your foot off the accelerator and hit the brakes. Next, pull your car to a safe spot and either call for a tow or drive down to the nearest neighbouring garage.

If your vehicle’s front tyres blow out, violent, abrupt braking only results in throwing more weight to the already damaged car tyres in Sleaford. In case the rear tyres are blown out, forcibly turning the steering wheel could be disastrous. With an increased drag from the blown-out tyre, it could lead your vehicle to flip over.

How to prevent a tyre blowout?

Tyre blowouts could easily be avoided with proper attention and timely maintenance. Most tyre blowouts occur in ageing tyres. Hence, it is recommended to get your tyres routinely checked at local service stations. You can rely on Roberts Tyres to have your tyres checked under professional surveillance. They also offer their services in wheel balancing, alignments, tyre mounting, etc.

Additionally, with the upcoming summer or blowout season, mounting season-based tyres in Sleaford is advisable. Thus, before your vehicle hits the roads this summer, make sure to go for the summer tyres. These tyres are specifically designed to ensure the scorching heat of the tarmac and hence prevent blowouts. Also, remember never to drive on underinflated tyres or to overload your car, since these only worsen the situation.

A simple routine check-up of tyres easily avoids such disastrous situations like blowouts. It also minimises the chances of tyre leak. You can always drive by a local workshop that offers servicing of car tyres in Sleaford to get a professional tyre diagnosis.

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