What You Should Know Before Getting An MOT Certificate?

MOT test or Ministry of transport test is a legal requirement for all the vehicles in the UK. It was started by the DVSA in the 1960s to evaluate motorbikes, and commercial vehicles for their safety standards and roadworthiness. In case, you own a car that is older than three years, you should get it inspected at an authorised DVSA centre, and get an MOT certificate immediately.

If you plan to drive your car without the MOT certificate, you may be subjected to a heavy fine, and even legal prosecution. However, if you plan to get an MOT, following the below-mentioned steps may take you a few steps further.

Steps to take care of before an MOT

  1. Make sure that your car performs adequately
  2. Keep your vehicle’s service record, and certificates updated
  3. Ensure that you have your last MOT certificate
  4. Book an appointment at a genuine MOT centre
  5. Visit the garage about 20-30 minutes before the appointment

How to identify a genuine MOT centre?

Being a motorist, you should get your car inspected at a genuine MOT centre, or your certificate may be deemed invalid. Also, you may need to face legal prosecution for using a fake certificate.

Therefore, you need to look for a genuine MOT Reading centre with three blue triangle signboard because DVSA awards it to certified centres.

Once you are at a genuine MOT garage, you may be presented with two kinds of MOT certificate, once the testing is complete. 

Different types of MOT certificate you should know about


The ‘pass’ certificate or ‘VT20’ is awarded to vehicles that clear the MOT inspection with no major or serious faults. It may contain your car’s identification no, MOT no, mileage history, test location, and expiry date as well.

In case, you need to verify your certificate, you may check it on gov.uk/mot-history website.


The ‘fail’ certificate or ‘VT30’ is awarded to vehicles that did not clear the MOT inspection. It may contain the reasons for MOT failure and the components that need to be repaired. If you have any further queries, you may reach DVS at 0300 1239000. It may be advisable to get a full car servicing Reading before getting an MOT.

How do I get a retest?

MOT retesting is quite easy. A majority of motorists even prefer to get a retesting at the same garage, once the repairs are done. However, if you have some other preference, you may opt for a different garage to get the retest done. But if you return to the same garage within 10 days, you may not need to pay the entire MOT fees again.

What am I allowed to do with a ‘VT30’ certificate?

As per the legal terms, you can only drive to the MOT centre or the garage for getting repairs with a ‘VT30’ certificate. In case, the authorities catch you with a ‘VT30’ for some other purpose, you may get a ban from driving for life.

Therefore, it is recommended to drive with a genuine MOT certificate as it saves you from legal prosecutions, and ensures your safety as well.

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