Wheel Alignment And Wheel Balancing: Why Are They Important For Your Car?

Remember, how cars were having minds of their own in ‘Transformers Trilogy’? Although it seemed pretty cool back then, how would you feel about that in real life?

Obviously, you’d want your steering and wheels to stay in your command!

So, to ensure that your car’s wheels don’t drift apart from you, wheel balancing and wheel alignment are necessary. Although the technicians handle this part, yet, you must have the preliminary knowledge of these procedures.

It’s your car after all!

Knowing The Basics

Simply put, wheel balancing and wheel alignment are two sides of the same coin. Well, almost.

In a nutshell, wheel alignment involves adjusting the angles of wheels, ensuring they’re perpendicular to the tarmac and parallel to each other. So, if you don’t want to get stuck on the roads with a pair of skidding tyres, you should opt for a wheel alignment in Durham, from any local service station.

On the other hand, wheel balancing allows your car wheels and tyres to spin without any vibrations. Wheel balancing is accomplished by inspecting for any probable heavy spots in the tyre-wheel combination. It is adequately compensated by placing accurately-measured weights from wheel rims to distribute the load. Garages such as North East Tyre Services provide precision wheel alignment services. They can also help you with their mobile wheel balancing in Durham.

Wheel Alignment

To find out if you need a wheel alignment service done to your vehicle, watch out for these signs –

  • Your car pulling away from a straight line

  • Uneven and premature tyre wear

  • The steering wheel turns to one side even if you’re driving straight

  • Unusual vibrations from your steering wheel

If you notice such symptoms, you must get a wheel alignment service done right away! Drive at any professional garages for Wheel Alignment Durham.

Things to ponder upon…

Misaligned wheels cause uneven wear and tear to tyres. Hence, along with a wheel alignment service, you might also need to replace your existing car tyres. You can get a fresh batch of tyres online from several garages that provide this option. Furthermore, you could get your new tyres fitted at the comfort of your home. Avail a Mobile Tyre Fitting Durham from any reputed workshop.

Wheel Balancing

When a section of a tyre is heavier than its counterparts, it gets out of balance. The most noticeable sign of out-of-balance tyres is unavoidable vibrations when driving at speeds north of 40 mph. If you’re experiencing vibrations at even lower speeds, you may do well to refer to the towers instead of driving your vehicle over to the garage.

Balancing involves mounting tyres on balancing machines and rotating them to spot the more substantial parts. It is compensated by attaching weights on the opposite sides.

This is a time-consuming process. Hence, it’s a smart option to opt for Mobile Wheel Balancing Durham to save much of your time.

Bottom Line

Wheel alignment and balancing, both are crucial to your car’s performance and for your safety. Especially as summer months are near, most parts in the British Isles would experience summer storms. It means poor road conditions which could lead to disastrous consequences if your wheels are not correctly aligned. Therefore, it’s advised to get a wheel alignment in Durham from any local workshop, before you embark on your awaited road trip.

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