When Do You Need to Change Your Car Tyres? Signs that Call for a Tyre Replacement

Tyre performance is one of the most critical factors that increase or decrease the overall efficiency of your vehicle.

Every tyre deteriorates after a certain point. It may be in the form of worn out treads, loss of traction, high braking distance, and more. So, now the question is – when is the right time to go forward with a replacement of your car’s tyres?

So let us go through some of the signs which ask for an urgent replacement of your Car Tyres Dundee.

Irregular Tread Wears

Uneven tread wear can be a symptom for a lot of reasons including something as commonplace as innocuously irregular driving patterns. But the most common causality is misaligned wheels.

Misaligned wheels means that your vehicle’s tyres are rolling at skewed angles. Other than an obvious difficulty in steering, the outcome includes varied wear on either side of each tyre. That is, you may find more tread wear on the inner side of your front left than the outer and so on.

Inspect the Wear Bars on Your Tyre

The wear bars are horizontal bridges present at a certain treads depth in most car tyres. They work as an indicator of acceptable tread depth in the tyres. If the tread evens with these bars, it indicates that it’s time to replace your tyres.

You can do a regular inspection of the circumference of your tyre and keep a closer look at the wear bars. Keep in mind that even if the tyre treads are worn-out in patches, even then your car’s Wheel Alignment in Dundee will be severely affected.

Deterioration of Tyre Tread

The principal function of tyre treads is to generate adequate traction and hydroplaning resistance. A decreasing tread depth means an increased risk of losing control due to loss of traction. 1.6mm is the least minimum tread depth acceptable for the vehicle tyres in the UK. If the tread depth goes beyond this limit, then it’s imperative that you replace the tyres with immediate effect.

Bubbles on the Sidewalls

You may find bubble-shaped extrusions on the sidewall of your car’s tyres. In such circumstances, sidewall strength is compromised and odds are that you may even face a tyre blowout.

In case of such issues, you can professionals approach GT Autos Garage for the necessary professional assistance. Apart from this, they have skilled mechanics to even check the Wheel Alignment in Dundee.

These can be fixed with the help of a skilled mechanic or with the rotation of tyres. So next time when you go for Car Service in Dundee, don’t forget to let the professionals run a simple inspection of the condition of your car’s tyres as well. If necessary or you see any irregularities it’s better to change them with immediate effect.

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