When should you finally change your tyres?

It is sure your today’s tyres are completely durable, and they are ready to perform for several years. However, they are made for a certain lifespan. So, you have to change them at a point in time. Sometimes, drivers wish to push the time to use the tyres more but, according to the experts, it is not a good move to drive with bald tyres. Thus, it is crucial to determine whether you need to change your tyres or not. It is the main issue of discussion for this blog.

When is the correct time to buy new tyres?


If you are confused about changing your tyres, you have to look at your tyre tread. Your tread pattern can be a visible indicator if you want to be sure of changing your tyres. Nowadays, all the tyre makers provide tyre tread wear indicators. These indicators are not visible if tread depth at the optimum level. If you can see tread wear indicators, it means your tyres are balding severely. In the UK, the lowest limit of the tread depth is 1.6mm. If it goes below, you have to change your tyres due to the rules of the Government. Moreover, you need to change your balding tyres due to the risk of poor control, inappropriate performance and compromised safety.

Uneven tread wear:

Uneven tread wear is a serious issue that may occur due to the misalignment of your wheels. In the case of uneven tread wear, your tyres will seem perfect on one side, and the other side wears severely. If you observe these unevenly worn spots on your tyres, change them at once.

Cracked tyre tread:

Sometimes you do not drive your car at regular intervals. The rubber material of the tyre hardens up to cause visible cracks on the tyre tread. You can use these tyres for a small distance if you want to drive your car for a longer period, it is nice to go for a new set of tyres.

Worn sidewalls:

Unfavourable road conditions often the sidewalls of radial tyres. If your sidewall is damaged, you will observe bubbles or cracks on the sidewalls. However, the repair for sidewall damage is not recommended by the experts. Therefore, you need to buy new tyres.

Ageing factors:

Ageing is also a factor if you wish to decide the correct time to change your tyres. After a certain age, the rubber material of tyres is supposed to be hard and loses its tractability.

You must not use your tyres for more than 5 years as a general rule. Your tyres will wear out even earlier if you do not maintain your tyres well.

If you are still not sure to change your Tyres Congleton, you have to visit a reliable service station for a complete checkup of your tyres. After checking your tyres, your expert will determine whether you should change your tyres or not.

If you want to use your tyres for a long time, you have to maintain them properly. Proper maintenance increases the total lifespan of your tyres and keeps the level of performance high as well. Proper maintenance of your Tyres Car Congleton includes adopting good driving habits, keeping the tyres properly inflated, using appropriate tyres according to the weather conditions, and checking the physical condition of tyres regularly. If you follow these rules, you will add age to your tyres.

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