When Should You Repair Or Replace Your Tyres?

Several factors are always ready to damage your tyres. Due to these factors, your tyres face a lot of mechanical problems, and you have to replace your tyres in some cases, whereas some problems allow you to repair your tyres.

In this blog, we will talk about the possibility of Tyre Repair Wolverhampton. Moreover, we will consider the conditions as well in which you would not be able to repair your tyres.

Punctures in tyres are generally included in the most common problem in tyres. So, let us consider the problem of punctures before other problems.

Punctures in tyres

In some conditions, punctures are really painful for car drivers, and they may happen at any time in the middle of your journey. While you drive your car, any sharp object like a piece of glass or an iron nail may pierce the body of your tyres. Sharp objects usually make small holes in the tread part, and air may seep out steadily to make the tyre totally flat through the hole.

What should you do when your tyre gets punctured?

You must stop your car because driving the car will increase the severity of the punctured area. After that, change your tyres and install a spare tyre if you have one. However, this step depends on the possibility that you have your toolbox and a spare tyre with you.

Later you can visit the garage to repair your punctured tyre. If you do not have a spare tyre but have a puncture repair kit, you may repair the punctured tyre temporarily. You need to visit the garage to get a permanent solution in the future.

We are sure you have understood well that repairing punctured tyres is possible.

Repairing punctured tyres is possible, but this fact is not completely true. In some cases, your mechanic will not allow you to use the tyre again.

According to experts, punctures on the sidewall are not repairable. Moreover, if the punctured area is too wider or deeper, repairing tyres would not be possible.

Moreover, mechanics do not repair the punctured tyre if you have repeatedly repaired the same area.

Blowouts in tyres

Besides punctures, blowouts are also used in tyres. They take place in tyres due to the following reasons:

Blowouts take place in tyres due to heat. Environmental heat degrades the rubber material of your tyres. Degraded spots of rubber may allow the air to go out of the tyre at any time.

Speed, friction and heat work together to degrade the tread rubber as well to cause blowouts.

Blowouts in tyres take place due to underinflation as well. Underinflation increases the contact area to cause excessive heat. Due to heat, the tyre may blow out at any time.

If we talk about repairing tyres that have experienced a blowout, you cannot repair them, and you have to change the tyre after the incident.


This is also a common problem that takes place in your tyres. Your tyres come with proper tread depth, and proper tread depth is an essential component to ensure optimum grip and traction.

A lot of factors like heat, friction, and weather are responsible for severe treadwear in your tyres.

Driving on bald tyres is highly risky. Making a proper grip on roads is impossible if you drive on worn-out tyres.

Treadwear in tyres occurs due to badly aligned and balanced wheels as well. Thus, you have to visit your garage to correct the wheel alignment as well.

When your tread depth reaches the level of 1.6mm, you have to change your tyres immediately. Repairing wear and tear in tread depth is not possible.

Presently, a new concept of retreading is emerging quickly. In this concept, professionals change the damaged tread part of a tyre. After the retreading process, you may buy these tyres as retreaded tyres.

Bulges and cracks on the sidewall:

Bulges and cracks on tyres show that your tyres have finished their lifespan, and you should retire them as soon as possible. Bulges on the tyres occur due to impact damage as well. You must visit a garage to check your tyres if you see bulges on the sidewall. It is possible that the internal structure of tyres has serious faults.

Repairing bulges and cracked tyres is not possible. You have to change them in any condition.

As you see, repairing tyres is not possible in most cases. Only punctures are repairable, but in some conditions, your mechanics will not repair the punctures as well. But you can always try Tyre Repair in Wolverhampton to avoid such situations.