When Should You Replace Your Tyres?

Replacing something you own is not easy, especially when you really like it. We all have felt the pain of replacing our old mobile phone with a brand new one. The same is true when it comes to tyres. The moment we think of changing our favourite tyres, we all act like old school romantics but we should know when to replace or change our tyres. It is important to understand the signs and take the hints. In some states, it is required by the law to change the tyres after a certain point in time.

Know When to Change?

One should know when to change the Sailun Tyres Northampton as it is a matter of safety. There are some signs which one should notice and take action accordingly. These are –


The age of a tyre is the most important factor that should be considered while making the decision of changing the tyre. If a tyre is 5-7 years old then it should be changed immediately to avoid any accident in the future. To know the age of your tyre, you can look at the tyre’s manual and if you do not have it, just look at the sidewall of the tyre. The age of the tyre is marked on the sidewall along with other information.

Tread Wear

Sometimes a 2-3 old tyre needs to be replaced because of the damage or wear. Tread are the most important component of a tyre as they make contact with the ground and thus chances of them getting old or damaged are more. When you take your vehicle for service, ask the mechanic to look for any damage in the treads.


What generally happens in case of an accident is, people forget about the tyres. For example, if the car hits a tree and it damages the bonnet, the owner will immediately ask the mechanic to change the bonnet but will not think about the Tyres Northampton. It is recommended by experts that one should replace the tyres after an accident because there could be unseen damages.


Your driving conditions matter the most as it directly affects the health of the tyre. If you are driving regularly to work on a normal highway, you might not need to think about changing the tyres after some time but if you are going off-road on weekends and live in an area that experiences harsh weather, you might need to replace them.

The Way You Drive

Believe it or not but most of the time the person driving the vehicle is responsible for the condition of a tyre. If someone is an expert driver and knows how to shift the gears efficiently and how to change the speed steadily, it does not affect the tyre much. On the other hand, if someone drives too fast on a bad surface filled with potholes or thorns, he might end up damaging his tyres quickly.

Incorrect Usage

One should learn to read the tyre’s sidewall which tells many things about the tyre. When someone mixes different tyres knowingly or unintentionally, it damages all of them. One should know the size of the tyres should be the same to avoid any unwanted situation.


If all the tyres are aligned perfectly, they will run efficiently and last longer. Misalignment is a serious condition which not only damages the tread pattern of the tyre but also leads to poor handling of the vehicle.

Proper Balancing 

One should maintain the right balance between the tyres. When the tyres are perfectly balanced, they carry an equal amount of weight and hence it results in a good performance.

It is important to take good care of the tyres as they are responsible for making your journey possible. To give them a longer life, it is important to take them to the professionals at regular intervals and make sure everything is fine. If you notice something serious, it is better to replace them at the first sign of trouble.

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