Why are tyres important to road safety?

Which components of the car are essential for road safety? What would you like to include? Maybe you will add the components like seatbelts or side mirrors.

But, probably you have never thought that your Car Tyres Sutton in Ashfield should be included in the car road safety components.

In fact, the tyres in your car are more than just rolling parts that make your car move on the surface. According to car engineers, optimally installed and physically fit tyres make sure that your car is safe on the roads.

On the other hand, unfit tyres may ruin your driving experience, since it is highly risky to drive with these tyres.

As mentioned above, it is possible that the tyres are not properly installed in your vehicle. It is a hint at the disturbed balance and alignment of wheels that can put you at serious risk. Moreover, tyres with inappropriate physical condition increase the chances of blowouts, punctures, accidents, and uneven tread wear.

The following dangers are possible if you drive with unfit tyres.

Reduced control on your vehicle

Damaged and defective tyres mean less control on the car because of the decreased capabilities of the tyres. Tyres with tread wear or weak sidewall cause reduced traction and grip on the ground. As a result, steering will not be a smooth activity for the driver.

Braking distance:

How far your vehicle moves after the brakes are applied, is a crucial factor to ensure road safety. Besides road conditions and weather, the condition of your tyres also determines the braking distance.

If you drive with tyres that are bald and damaged, you actually compromise your safety due to an increased braking distance.


In simple words, your tyres may lose grip due to a wet surface while a layer of water builds between the ground and the tread. It is more likely to happen with bald tyres since tyre treads are made to disperse water effectively while the vehicle is running on a wet, slippery road.

So far, we have made it clear that tyres also play a major role in road safety. Therefore, you must not overlook the health of your tyres to confirm optimum safety on roads.

You can do it by following some quick tips provided below:

  • Always maintain the correct air pressure in your tyres to avoid the chances of tread wear and blowouts.
  • Use the correct size of tyres along with load index and speed rating. You can find correct information regarding these factors in your user’s manual.
  • Inspect your tyres visually at regular intervals to remove sharp objects, debris, mud, and glass pieces. These things make the sidewall of tyres weak.
  • Visit a good service station when it is necessary.

If you wish to know more about the health of your tyres, we welcome you to visit Kirkby Road Tyres, which is a reliable garage working in the field for many years. You may visit our service centre if you want optimum service along with affordability.

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