Why do car drivers need an MOT test?

If you have a car, you have to keep it healthy to ensure road safety.

Your car is a combination of several large and small components. These components may experience faults and you have to eliminate these faults at the correct time. If you do not do it, you actually invite serious outcomes like road accidents.

According to several studies, several accidents happened on the roads just because of faulty vehicles.

Therefore, you need to raise the level of maintenance of you want complete road safety and driving comfort.

The number of accident is increasing on the roads and most drivers still do not maintain their vehicle properly.

Therefore, the Government conducts the MOT test that makes it obligatory to have an MOT certificate while driving his car.

If you are caught by police without the certificate, they will punish you legally and you would not be able to drive your car.

Therefore, to drive the car on the roads of the UK, you have to earn the certificate.

How can you get the certificate?

There are several MOT test centres across the country that are responsible for performing MOT tests. You have to register at your nearby centre if you want to get the certificate.

In fact, every car that is three years old needs to face the MOT test to obtain the certificate. You must note that this certificate is not forever. You have to renew it by submitting your vehicle again for the test next year.

  • You increase your chances to clear the test if you maintain your car appropriately.
  • Several components are checked by the tester during the test.
  • Faults in the car are divided into three categories: minor, major and dangerous.

The results would be declared according to these categories in the following manner:


If your car has minor faults, the tester may provide an advisory to eliminate the faults as soon as possible. Usually, the car is allowed to run on the roads after the test.


If the vehicle is found to have major faults, the garage will not provide the certificate. They can allow you to repair the car in another garage.


If the car is found with dangerous faults, the garage will not allow you to drive your car. However, you can repair the vehicle with the help of another garage. You can use a towing vehicle to get the car to the service station.

What are the main objectives of the MOT objective?

The goal of the MOT test is clear. Usually, car drivers are not interested in proper Car Servicing Northampton but they have to do it due to legal requirements. Drivers want to pass the test and they can do it only with proper maintenance.

If a driver has proper certificate while driving his car, it clearly means his car has no faults and it would not be responsible for any road accident in the future. Therefore, the government has made strict guidelines to clear the Car MOT Northampton. If you are celebrating the third anniversary of your car, register to an MOT centre as soon as possible to get the certificate.

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