Why Do You Need A Valid MOT Certificate?

If you are driving in the UK, you need to have a MOT certificate as a legal requirement. According to laws and regulations, driving without a valid certificate may result in unwanted consequences.

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How to get the certificate for the first time?

If you never registered for the MOT test, you have contact your nearby MOT center to submit your vehicle. When you register your vehicle to the center, they will call you on a particular date for the test. If your vehicle clears its test, you will get the MOT certificate for 365 days. You have to renew the certificate before or on the same date.

What is the need of MOT certificate?

If you have a valid certificate, it obviously means that your car is roadworthy. Moreover, your vehicle is safe for using on the roads. On the other hand, driving without the certificate will make it clear that your car has serious faults. The MOT department will issue the certificate only if your car proves that it is roadworthy.

Common criteria to declare the results

There may be three types of faults in your car called minor, major and dangerous. If your car has minor faults, it is possible you get the certificate with an advisory. This advisory will make it clear that you have to inspect the minor faults regularly.

Major faults in your car will a clear reason for failure. In this condition, you would not get the certificate. In case your car has dangerous faults, the garage would not issue the certificate as well.

Your option after your car fails its test

The MOT center did not give you the certificate since your car was not roadworthy. To get the certificate, you have to make it safe for roads again. You can do it by repairing the faults.

You can choose the MOT center to repair the faults. If you wish to have a better quote, you can visit another garage to repair the faulty vehicle. Driving the car is possible only if your car has major faults. The test center would not allow you to drive the vehicle if it has dangerous faults. Therefore, you have only towing option.

After you have repaired the faults, the center will let you have a retest. However, to have a retest you have to return to the center within 10 days. If you return to the garage after 10 working days, you have to submit the vehicle again for full test.

What if you drive with expired certificate?

The MOT certificate is valid for only one year. After this period of time, you need a new certificate. If you are driving with an invalid certificate, the police department may arrest you to take legal steps against you.

Driving with an invalid certificate is an ethical offense as well. Your invalid certificate is enough to show that your car is not safe for road users. Thus, it is better you submit your car on time to get a valid certificate.

What if the existing certificate is still valid?

If your car fails its test and previous certificate is still valid, legally you can drive your car. However, we are not in favor of using the car that has failed its test. You must stop using your car after a failure. It is better you try to have the retest after repairing the major and dangerous faults.

Importance of MOT certificate

Driving with a valid MOT certificate is necessary for car drivers to ensure proper road safety. A lot of accidents happen on roads only because of faulty vehicles. Therefore, you have to drive your vehicle with a valid MOT Luton to ensure proper road safety. This is the main objective of the MOT test.