Why does every vehicle owner in the UK need to know about the MOT exam?

If you have recently made a purchase of a vehicle, be it brand new or a second hand one, you must know about the MOT test which is relevant information for all. Anybody owning a running vehicle in the United Kingdom needs to be aware of the trend of MOT Birmingham tests in the country. This is a UK exclusive policy and so MOT testing does not involve anyone outside the borders of this country.

From the moment you make the vehicle purchase, you will be hearing about the MOT test. But not always everything gets crystal clear at one go, which is why a lot of misconceptions grow about the same. While any other thing can wait, essential things like the MOT that directly concerns your driving the vehicle within the country limits need to be known immediately. So, let us learn in detail about the test and bust all the myths associated with it.

What is MOT?

In simple terms when a vehicle becomes at least three years old from the date of its registration, the owner has to take it for its first MOT test to its nearby authorized test centre. This test is a legal requirement for every eligible vehicle in the country as it is a roadworthy test of the motor. There is also a safety requirement that has compelled the Ministry of Transport to make it mandatory for all vehicles. By taking the test it is made sure that the vehicle in concern has no major internal or external problem which could become a threat for anyone driving or riding it or any other vehicle or people around it.

Oftentimes due to negligence of basic and small problems, major accidents take place which could be easily avoided. To control such situations the Ministry of Transport had come up with this test and named it after the board itself.

What connections DVLA has with the MOT?

The DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency have been given the authority to conduct and manage everything related to the MOT test. Under their instruction, this thorough examination is conducted once a year for all the vehicles. The vehicles that pass the test are given valid pass certificates as proof which remains effective for a whole year until the next test due date of the car. So if you tested your vehicle on 28th October of this year, your next due date would be 28th October of 2022. This is how the MOT certificates have the due date calculated and mentioned for the owner’s awareness. The DVLA also authorises different service stations to carry out the test as per the rules of the ministry ordained after several discussions.

Can you skip an MOT test?

If you do not want your name to get added to the bad book of the government, you cannot afford to miss the due date even once. Driving a car on the UK roads without a valid pass MOT certificate is a punishable offence and you can get into great trouble if you are caught. Even if your due date has crossed a single day you are doing illegal driving. Driving with an invalid MOT certificate is equivalent to not having any. The only way you could be exempted is if you are driving to some MOT centre for your pre-booked MOT test or if you are travelling to and fro for repairing reasons of your vehicle for the sake of MOT testing.

Moreover, having no MOT is not acceptable in various other situations. As there have been cases of skipping MOT Birmingham even after such strict instructions, the ministry of transport has also tied up with insurance companies for restricting claims for those without a valid MOT certificate. So, if your car gets into any kind of an accident, you won’t be able to claim your insurance unless you show a valid certificate. So if anybody thought of saving by not spending behind the MOT test, they are terribly wrong and would have to pay more than usual in such cases.

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