Why having worn tyres on your car is risky

Your tyres move on the surface with proper grip and traction because of the tread pattern. These designs on the tyre wear out over time due to several factors. These worn-out tyres are unsafe for carrying on driving.

You believe it or not but tread is a vital part of your tyre. You cannot hope for a smooth and comfortable journey if your Tyres Whitchurch are balding rapidly.

Bald tyres invite punctures more frequently and worn tyres indicate that the outer side of the tyre body is weakened due to friction, heat formation, misaligned wheels, or imbalanced tyres.

Moreover, bald tyres are inappropriate for road conditions when you have to drive on sandy, snowy or slippery roads since you need perfect traction and grip in these conditions.

Thus, as a responsible car owner, you should not overlook the health of your tyres.

How to determine when you should change your Tyres Whitchurch?

High-grade tyres are durable. Moreover, you can increase the total life of your tyres by maintaining them appropriately. However, ageing and several other factors are responsible for tyre wear and you must change them while they are completely damaged.

If we sum up all the recommendations given by the tyre manufacturers, we may say that you should change your tyres after 5 to 10 years. You are in the red zone when your tyres are 8 to 10 years old. It means you have no chance to carry on with these tyres.

While you want to be sure when you should buy a new set of tyres, you can recognize complete worn tyres with the help of the following signs.


Tyre tread is one of the most important components in your tyres. Check your treat wear with the help of a coin. If you can see the upper part of the coin, be sure that your tread is heavily worn.

Observable wear bars:

After your tread is entirely worn, you will notice the tread wear indicator. They have the width similar to the width of a pencil and are visible when the tread is completely worn. Replace your tyres immediately while you observe these indicators comfortably.

Signs of bulges cuts and punctures:

An overall visual inspection is enough to make sure that your tyres are healthy or not. If you find cracks, cuts, or holes in the sidewall of your tyre, never drive with your tyres anymore. Unusual bulges in your tyres show that your tyre’s sidewall is weak and the rubber compound of the tyre is also wearing out.

Final thoughts

We have mentioned above that you can increase the life of your tyres if you maintain them properly. A good maintenance schedule for tyres includes checking tyre inflation, tread wear, and appropriate loading. Make sure you follow good driving habits and do not hit your tyres with potholes or other road objects unnecessarily.

However, whenever you observe, your Maxxis Tyres Whitchurch are completely damaged, you have to change them without any delay. read more about Car Service Whitchurch

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