Why Invest in Premium Tyres? Here Are the Reasons!

Premium tyres from leading manufacturers offer a host of benefits. Top brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear and Continental spend billions of pounds every year on R&D to produce the best quality tyres with an emphasis on performance, safety and comfort.

Premium Car Tyres in Birmingham can be a little expensive than the budget variants. However, these high-quality tyres offer better value for money in the long run – they last longer as they’re designed from special rubber components, making them more durable.

Quite frankly, smaller brands cannot afford this level of investment in research. Hence, they opt for lower-grade rubber compounds that work peevishly for some time…then ultimately give up!

So, What are the Premium Tyres You Should Invest in?

While some premium tyres boast of superior performance and higher longevity, others offer better mileage and reduced negative impact on the environment. Here are some of the top picks –

  1. From the House of Bridgestone

You can go for Potenza RE-71R, RE070, S007A and RE050A Scuderia from Bridgestone. These tyres’ innovative asymmetric tread design and construction deliver new heights of handling and safety. The Potenza series of Bridgestone Tyres in Birmingham offer impressive steering precision and braking responsiveness.

With a smooth sport-like feel, Potenza tyres provide the best stability at high speeds along with impressive cornering capability. Their high-grip broad shoulder blocks ensure short braking distances and remarkable manoeuvre when handling corners.

Furthermore, the wide circumferential grooves can disperse water quickly on wet roads and thus, prevent hydroplaning. Besides, these wide lugs also reduce the rolling resistance and therefore, achieve better fuel efficiency. You can buy these Bridgestone Tyres in Birmingham from garages like Flaxley Tyres. Apart from selling premium tyres, they also offer tyre fitting and repair services.

  1. From the House of Goodyear

You can go for Assurance ComforTred, Finesse, Fuel Max and Integrity. These tyres in Birmingham are engineered with WearControl technology from Goodyear. It ensures a perfect balance between stability and very-low rolling resistance. It not only has a positive impact on the fuel economy but also offer an overall superior level of performance all year round.

Furthermore, the Finesse and Integrity variants possess A-rated wet-grip performance – the highest rating under EU standards. It enables you to take complete control over almost all weather conditions with worrying about safety and performance. You can buy these Goodyear Tyres Birmingham from any reputed garages in your locality.

What’s more?

Drive safely with Goodyear’s Eagle Asymmetric models like Supercar, GS-D3 and EMT. Hailed as pure sports-breed tyres, they offer tremendous grip on the tarmac. Combined with Grip Booster and Active-Braking technology, the Eagle models increase stickiness from the adhesive resins and Nano-silica rubber components.

These sports Car Tyres Birmingham use reinforced internal structure for delivering stronger yet light-weight construction. It ensures durability and prevents tread deformation. These tyres are recommended for powerful sports car owners to achieve impressive speed and short braking distances.

Investing in these premium tyres will deliver not only a sense of safety and comfort but also total control when you’re behind the wheel.

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