Why is My Car Guzzling Fuel? 3 Possible Explanations

Given the high price of fuel (£1.28 for petrol and £1.35 for diesel as of July 2019) and the accelerated drive towards electric vehicles, car owners are desperately searching for ways to cut down on their fuel expense. Studies indicate that Britain is the most expensive place on earth to own a car, and a substantial reason behind that is the money spent on purchasing fuel.

In an ideal world, the fuel consumption of a car should remain constant, irrespective of the age of the vehicle, its condition or any other external factor. Two different motorists with the same car model may experience different levels of fuel consumption. While a lot of it has to do with the driving habits of the driver, there are also certain mechanical issues that may result in increased fuel consumption. Unsurprisingly, most of these issues revolve around tyres.

Let’s discern them one at a time.

#1: Wheel alignment

Try to remember how your car looked when you bought it- everything in perfect symmetry. The tyres would have been appropriately aligned with respect to the street and their corresponding tyres. In automobile parlance, it’s called wheel alignment.

So far, so good. The problem starts when the alignment starts skewing, and it inevitably does with time and regular usage. Wheel alignment in Solihull is one of the most common issues faced by motorists, whether they are aware of it or not.

Misaligned wheels are a bane for the fuel economy of a car. A RAC study reveals that even a single misaligned tyre can increase the fuel consumption of a vehicle by as much as 10%.

So, the next time you experience a dip in fuel economy, get your wheel alignment in Solihull inspected at a specialist garage.

#2: Tyre inflation pressure

When Barrack Obama called on Americans to inflate their tyres to proper levels to save fuel, he wasn’t joking! Under-inflation of tyres Solihull is another humungous reason for poor fuel economy.

According to multiple tests, a 1PSI pressure drop in any one tyre increases the fuel consumption of a car by 0.4%. Aggregate that over several PSIs and all four tyres, and your vehicle may be consuming 10-15% extra fuel just because you forgot to inflate your tyres this month.

#3: Wheel balance

The primary compound used in the construction of tyres is rubber. One of the disadvantageous properties of rubber is that it can get concentrated at certain parts of the body, leaving light spots at others. This phenomenon is called wheel imbalance, and it has a direct bearing on the fuel consumption of a car.

You may get your wheel balance Solihull inspected and corrected at Midlands Performance Tyres. This professional auto garage is known for its timely service and expertise in vehicular repairs and services, including wheel alignment and tyre pressure check in Solihull.

While the price of fuel is not in your hands, the amount you consume is. Drive prudently and look out for the issues mentioned here, and never pay a penny more than you need to on fuel.

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