Why is Tyre Maintenance Significant for Your Vehicle?

According to a study conducted by TyreSafe on a sizeable number of samples, 27.3% of all car tyres in the UK are not road legal, whereas 70.4% of them operate with tread depth below 2mm.

It’s no surprise that tyres are one of the leading causes of road accidents in the UK, with an annual average of 1,075 casualties due to defective tyres over the past five years.

The silver lining, should you choose to see it, is that a majority of these accidents are avoidable with a few simple tyre maintenance hacks.

Which services are required for maintaining your tyre?

Go through the following points to know about the services required to maintain your tyres in Coventry and beyond.

  • Checking tyre pressure

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is important because of three reasons; one is safety, second is fuel economy and third is keeping other parts of your car like its suspension in proper condition. It has been observed that under-inflated tyres tend to heat up fast and over-inflated tyres significantly increase the risk of blowouts.

Moreover, a vehicle with underinflated tyres in Coventry will exert a higher rolling resistance, resulting in your car consuming more fuel. In effect, maintaining correct tyre pressure minimises CO2 emission from your vehicle.

  • Ensuring proper wheel alignment is maintained

To take appropriate care of your car, you must ensure that the wheels of your vehicles are adequately aligned. Poor wheel alignment leads to an unsafe driving condition as it causes a car to pull to one side and cause the car to swerve.

  • Inspecting and measuring the wheel thread

You should keep a proper check on the tread of your car tyres in Coventry. If the tyre tread wears in some unusual way rapidly, then it could be a sign that your vehicle does not have a proper grip on the road. It is unsafe for driving, especially in adverse road conditions. You should also consider this as a signal to get your wheel serviced quickly.

You also have to keep an eye on the tread depth as well. The law mandates that you maintain minimum 1.6mm of tread depth on all four tyres. For ideal driving condition though, it is paramount that at least 3mm of tread depth is maintained.

  • Rotating tyres at the right time

Well, it is essential to regularly rotate your car tyres in Coventry so that they wear evenly, which will ultimately contribute to their long service life. It is suggested that you rotate your tyres after about every 5,000 miles to get better results.

As a general rule of thumb, you may rotate them in the X-pattern. However, that’s a generic rule; for the exact rotation pattern of your car tyres in Coventry, consult your car owner’s manual.

It’s recommended that you seek professional assistance from Central Point MOT for getting your tyres rotated. It provides all tyre-related services like wheel alignment, tyre pressure as well as tread depth check, and puncture repairs.

Getting your vehicles’ wheels serviced from garages that provide proper tyre servicing in Coventry is essential to enhance their performance and increase their life. Besides, you can contribute a sustainable environment by minimising the CO2 emission from your vehicle through the maintenance of accurate tyre pressure.

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