Why Michelin tyres should be your first choice?

Incorporated in 1889, and headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, France, Michelin, a tyre manufacturing giant, has been the first choice of customers since its inception. With a revolutionary beginning by making the first removable pneumatic tyre, Michelin is today, a global leader in tyre manufacturing. This trust and excellence was not achieved overnight. Michelin has always been about working towards perfection, come what may. The core values of Michelin have always been followed and adhered to by its people.


Customer satisfaction

No company or a conglomerate can stand the test of time without the trust of its customers. Michelin is no different, more than a century of trust is a result of customer satisfaction. This trust of customers has been earned by various feathers that rest on their cap. The run-flat tyre that we use today is a brainchild of Michelin. From tyres reading to the standard quality of tyres, customers are provided with the best service. Customers are provided tyres only after being tested by various standard tests. Services are so fast and economical that customers always leave service centres with a smile

Respecting employees

With an empire of more than a hundred thousand employees around the world, Michelin maintains an environment where equality is maintained and celebrated. Michelin considers their giant pool of employees its biggest strength that strives this company towards excellence. Employees are respected and heard by the board. Michelin takes special measures to ensure that no employee is harassed or discriminated based on gender, caste, or creed.

Respecting shareholders

Shareholders are those who had shown their trust in the idea of the company even before the customers. Policies of the company are designed in such a way that the trust of the shareholders is maintained. Board is always all ears to the views of the shareholders. Special effects are enforced by the company to ensure that malpractices such as insider trading do not take place.

Environment friendly

In this ever fast world noise pollution is considered a silent patient. Michelin ensures that their tyres are as noise-free as possible. From ensuring that the raw materials used in the manufacturing of tyres are not wasted to recycling old tyres, Michelin ensures that it leaves the least carbon footprint that can be left by any company of its size. Michelin takes its social responsibility seriously and makes sure that its words are put in action too.

Factually correct

The modern world has seen the emergence of a force, capable of destroying our harmony and trust, in the form of fake news. Various industries use this tactic to exploit their customers by duping them into buying their fake products. Michelin takes pride in providing factually correct Michelin tyre reading information to its customers. Recent EU guidelines that decree all tyre manufacturers to make labels on the tyres more visible have been accepted by Michelin wholeheartedly.

From passenger car to SUV to light truck, for varieties of vehicles, Michelin tyres, come in handy. With retailers in around a hundred and twenty countries, Michelin tyres are always a stone’s throw from your place. When it comes to tyres you cannot leave things to chance. With years of hard work and dedication, we have built a company that can be trusted and relied on.

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