Why Should You Choose Alloy Wheels

Why do people spend a handsome amount of money on alloy wheels? It is not just the looks, alloy wheels are more than that.

What are Alloy Wheels?

Weight reduction in modern cars is a major concern nowadays. In order to offer top-notch performance, every possible weight should be reduced from these cars. You would have noticed that modern cars do not come with a spare tyre. Yes, you have guessed it right, it reduces the weight. Alloy wheels are made from the alloys of magnesium and aluminium. Aluminium, because of its lightweight, is also used to manufacture an aeroplane’s body. Magnesium, on the other hand, is used to provide strength to the wheels.

Manufacturing of alloy wheels is a costly process. Therefore, they are expensive than standard steel wheels. But if you know your requirements, they are always worth the investment.

Let Us Help You in Deciding Whether You Should Buy Alloy Wheels or Not.


Lightweight: Alloy wheels, as mentioned earlier, are light in weight because of their compositions. The wheels are responsible for better ride experience as they put a lesser strain on the suspension of a car. Alloy wheels, because of their lightweight, save highly on fuel. Alloy wheels also help in the acceleration of a vehicle. Lightweight wheels will always enhance the performance of your car.

Braking of the Wheels: When you apply brakes, an enormous amount of heat is generated in the wheels. This heat is the reason for wearing of brake pads of the car. Alloy wheels conduct heat better than steel wheels. Therefore, heat dissipation becomes more efficient by installing alloy wheels. This will also delay the wearing of your brake pads.

Prevention Against Corrosion: Alloy wheels are more resistant to corrosion than usual steel wheels. Steel wheels have little to no coating on them to prevent them against rusting that is caused by silt on the road. Whereas, alloy wheels come with a heavy anti-rust coating to prevent corrosion.

Increases The Life of Tyre: as alloy wheels are good at heat dissipation, they help tyres to maintain long life. The main reason for tyre wear is the heat energy developed in tyres because of friction between the road and tyres. Alloy wheels help the tyres to cool down quickly and hence ensure the long life of tyres.

Aesthetic Advantage: Last but not least, alloy wheels greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car. The wheels are available in different shapes and colours that help them to fit in with any kind of vehicle. If you want people to praise your luxury car, you would really want to install it with alloy wheels.


Strength Issue: We all know that steel is one of the strongest elements present in the market today. Therefore, when it comes down to strength, alloys of aluminium and magnesium can never compete with steel wheels. In an accident, alloy wheels might break in which steel wheels may stand strong.

Expensive: Alloy wheels do not only cost highly at the time of purchase, but the refurbishment of any damage is also an expensive affair. Unlike steel wheels, alloy wheels need extra care to carry out repair of any kind. The refurbishment process if done incorrectly, may damage the wheels more.

Even though there are some of the disadvantages that are attached to Alloy Wheels Coventry, one cannot overlook its benefits.

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