Why Shouldn’t you Treat your Winter Tyres as All-Season Tyres?

Seasons have a deep impact on the tyres. The performance of a particular set of tyres depends a lot on the kind of season they are used in. People living in extreme climatic conditions need to store two types of sets of tyres. They need to have one set of summer or all-season tyres and another set of winter tyres. Having two sets means incurring costs on both sets of tyres. As you need to maintain both for their specific seasons.

However, at times laziness or stinginess overpowers people and they feel they can still continue with their winter tyres even in moderate or hot climates. If that had been the case, tyre manufacturers wouldn’t have been producing tyres according to the seasons. If you’re also one of them, then this blog is especially for you. You need to know the differences between both types of tyres. It’s imperative to swap tyres and here are the reasons for the same.

Winter tyres

These tyres are specifically made for colder seasons. Winter tyres are at their best when the temperature drops below 7°C. The rubber compound of the winter tyres is on the softer side. They have more silica in them. That gives them flexibility and durability. Winter tyres also have deep grooves in them. There are innumerable sipes on the Dunlop Tyres Loughborough. These sipes bite into the snow and provide you excellent grip on both snow and ice. Now the irony is, the same winter tyres which score so well in their particular season, totally flunk in other seasons. Let’s understand the reasons behind this.

1. As soon as the temperature goes up 7°C, they start wearing away at a faster rate. That’s because heat gest generated as soon as these sipes and blocks come in contact with the paved tarmac roads of the summer season. The blocks get compressed and your vehicle loses traction.

2. The sipes start expanding and contracting as soon as they come in contact with the dry and hard roads. Since there’s no snow or ice in summers to cool them up, they start heating up very fast. This heat can turn out the worst thing for your tyre. This will make the tyres even more flexible. This will give you a sticky feeling on the roads.

3. Braking of a winter tyre will be heavily affected in the summer season. The stopping distances of the vehicle increase with these tyres in the summer season.

4. When the temperature increases to a considerable amount, rubber balls get formed in winter tyres. This can be quite hazardous as they start spinning under the wheels. That means, your vehicle becomes prone to accidents.

5. Handling of the vehicle becomes a problem. You don’t get that precision in steering when winter Tyres Loughborough are used in warmer temperatures. Even if the speed is low, these tyres still don’t deliver that performance. Whereas, a summer tyre or an all-season tyre would deliver excellent performance even at a higher speed.

6. The rolling resistance of these tyres is much higher in the summer season. That means your tyres lose more energy as they roll on the roads. That’s because your tyres are constantly deforming here. When this happens, your vehicle starts consuming more fuel. You obviously wouldn’t like to compromise on this aspect of your driving. But with all-season tyres fixed to the vehicle, you don’t have this issue anymore.

Basically, you need to understand that tyres are specifically designed to cater to a particular season and you must adhere to those guidelines if you want the best performance from your tyres. Not swapping the tyres would mean you’re unnecessarily putting yourself in danger in some or the other way.

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